Date: 8th July 2011 at 2:07pm
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What seemed like a done deal at the end of last season is not what it seems. Arsenal were said to have virtually signed young Southampton midfielder Alex Chamberlain but only recently did we find out that Arsenal have not even made a bid for the player.

Now the Daily Star is saying that Arsenal have made a £6million bid for the highly rated winger and Southampton have laughed it off. The prices in this transfer market are crazy! I would have thought that £6million would be enough to sign a 17-year-old. Now Southampton want £12million! Are they crazy?

Chamberlain is only turning 18 next month and he has not even kicked a ball in the Premier League and they want that kind of money for him? Just because he is English makes them think that they can charge a premium for him. I say, if that is how much they want then they can keep their player!

I know a lot of fans blame Wenger for not spending enough money in the transfer market but on this one I think the boss should back off and leave it alone and let crazy teams like Liverpool and Chelsea who waste money on players to go ahead and buy him.


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  1. bc says:

    For £6m we could get Scott Parker, he is far more what we need. Chamberlain at best would be a 3rd choice on the left wing or a 4th choice on the right wing, as Walcott, Gervinho, Nasri, Arshavin, Vela and E-Thomas are all ahead of him. Parker would provide serious competition to Wilshire and Song and would immediately jump ahead of Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Frimpong, Lansbury.

  2. demetriou petros says:

    chamberlain is overrated. not that good player.

  3. Jolome says:

    I totally agree. Absoultley stupedously ridiculous price. 12 Million for an 18 year old in his first year in the championship!!!!! Common!!!!!!

  4. TrueWisdom says:

    Are they fucking crazy

  5. Ruud Van Tanda says:

    You’re all missing the point!!! Arsenal can’t finallise deals, full stop!!!

    Ronaldo, Drogba, Da Silva’s, Alverez, and so many others that have sipped through the net!!! Was it money, ambition, conviction from the club?!?!? Who cares, fact is, we’ve missed out on so many players, and then have to put up with the likes of Diaby, Rosicky, SQUILACCI!!!!! Oxlade, is wanted by a no. of clubs including Arsenal, they’ve made this clear and also bidded, WELL BELOW what his club want and they’ve rejected it (Sound familiar? – BARCA?) So they are holding out for what they think he’s worth (Cesc-£40m) another example of how we as a club are run! AW comes out and says players should honor their contracts. So why then does the club bid for players that still have time remaining on their contracts? Bid well below what other clubs value their players to be? Can’t get rid of the players that don’t want to be with us and we want to sell? Sign players that want to play for us and we want? – ALVEREZ, HAZARD…..?

    COS we’re shite!!! run by a bunch of muppets, ineterested in their 7 holidays a year!!!! Sad to say, but without Cesc/Nasri and possibly Gervinho being our only ‘major’ signing, we won’t even finish 4th next season! If AW had any sense, he should’ve snapped up Hazard 2 yrs agoo when he wanted to come to us and we had the option, 2 yrs on, £20m price tag and every big club in Europe able to out-bid us!!! VDV went to spurs for £8m!!! player of the season for them and a world class player that should’ve been at Arsenal on the back of RVP’s recommendation, but no, cos he’s known, and that would go against everything AW stands for! which to me means success! That’s right, he wants to build and build and build a team until they will win something, and at this moment in time, if he does go and spend big, it”l seem like his plan hasn’t worked! Cutting ones’ nose off to spite your face comes to mind……

  6. tolulope lawrence says:

    its rediculous, 4 a player with a division 2 experience 4 £12m is too expensive, take £6m let have him. And he s willing to come to arsenal. Let him show is talent

  7. Solar osi says:

    I only hope AW would bring quality players into Arsenal

  8. Mic says:

    Ruud van tanda wats ur rant all about? We ve heard all ur crap before,about arsenal finishing below the 4th position. Why don’t just quit being foolish?

  9. Dave B says:

    How old was Walcott when he came to us? How much did he cost?

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