Date: 8th July 2011 at 8:09am
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First it was Gael Clichy leaving Arsenal for Manchester City, Nasri could be making the same move soon and now according to a Sun exclusive, Patrick Vieira is set to turn down the chance of joining the Arsenal backroom staff in favour of taking up a coaching role at his current club Manchester City.

Yesterday (Thursday), Ian Wright questioned why Arsenal are now becoming Manchester City’s feeder club? Is it because everyone is tempted by the cash at Manchester City or do they really see City becoming a major force on the field?

It would have bee great to have Vieira back at Arsenal as he would have been a great asset to help mould the younger players we have today who are lacking that competitive fighting spirit that Vieira had.

Times are looking really gloomy at Arsenal right now but as fans we have to keep on believing that we are going to weather this storm and there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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  1. oldtimer says:

    I have never heard such a lot of crap. Wright the great defender of Arsenal advice to SWP dont play for Arsenal go for the money, good advice? Paddy wants to be a coach at Man city yeah how much they paying. Please dont write crap unless you can prove who is giving the info. Nasi Ces etc will either play for the greatest team and club or they will trott of to accept who will pay them the most. lets wiat and see what happens and stop writing crap.

  2. Wale says:

    Stupid headline. Why cant u report that one player dump city and spur for gunners when Gavinho sign. City is spending the cash, so its natural the everybody will want to have their share from the global cake. Lets everybody sign for man city but true gunners remains. In arsene we trust

  3. Wale says:

    I hate it when i had nasri saying he is leaving in search of silverware. What is he doing when he rate himself high and him and cesc were in the team last season when the fail to beat bolton. They are all fool

  4. temp1cascade says:

    yeah m8 – please keep your BullS%@T to yourself, WTF is wrong with these c*nt journos…Sanchez chose Barca over city..was that headlined – NO…Gervinho – NO, Boateng wants to leave AND has PUBLICLY STATED it, is it news no, thats because this a$$ of a journo has a fcuking sheiks dick rammed deep in his throat!!!

  5. bernstern nkwocha says:

    wenger u’re heartless!u’ve jst succeded in making d goonners inferior in d name of ur outdated policy.Dnt 4get dat d way u make ur bed so u shall lay on it.As 4 my fellow brethren,we shall cross d red sea of wenger nd d board members.

  6. Ausse Jack says:

    The sooner restrictions on transfers is put into place the better. These billionaire `nuts` have ruined the game.

  7. chris says:

    Vieira prefers to stay at man. City for a coaching role …

    > Cos there’s loads of money there

    > Cos he knows Wenger would not
    allow changes to his approach

  8. FUAD ABUBAKAR says:

    We don’t care who is rejecting arsenal deal and who is willing to be arsenal 4rever, what we need is to emerge the winner of the league, I hope arsenal can take thiery henry instead of viera. ARSENAL IS GREAT COMPARED TO ANY1.

  9. wengernumb says:

    wenger has allowed the gap in “power” to widen to such an extent that its so transparent that we will not consider competing with man city. If wenger was really shrewd he would have built a quality team 2 seasons ago with proper defenders, not freebies or just useless weak untried ones. I dont blame him for not having the money available as man city or chelsea have…its not an even playing field. But he could have shown some determination and character to have tried to close the gap with some quality signings instead of virtually throwing in the towel. Players recognise this and perceive a club with no ambition..a club where money management is king…the team is almost a secondary interest.Thats the reason that quality players are leaving and the reason that now its difficult to attract top players….except in france where wengers’ reputation still outstrips his recent performance.

  10. TrueWisdom says:

    I don’t care about Patrick Viera wanting to coach at Man City. All I care about is the signings of good players. So far, Wenger has signed 2 players. Gervinho, and Jenkinson. But who the FUCK is Jenkinson? Arsene Wenger, I’m a loyal Arsenal supporter, but I’m starting to doubt your methods.

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