Date: 7th July 2011 at 8:38am
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It is a new day and yet again I wake up to more negative news about Arsenal. I am getting used to this by now this summer. The Sun is running what they call an exclusive, most of the time I never trust The Sun! Today (Thursday) they are saying that Fabregas has told his team mates during pre-season training that he will not play for Arsenal again as he pushes on in the hope that Arsenal will sell him to Barcelona.

Barca director Javier Bordas apparently also said last night: “It’s true the player is making gestures to come to Barcelona.”

If this is true, I knew it was only a matter of time until Fabregas took matters in his own hands and started to instigate this move to Barcelona. He has hoped for everything to go smoothly with Barcelona paying Arsenal what they want but it is getting messy now as Barcelona do not want to pay Arsenal the £40million we want. I would not be shocked if Fabregas does a Torres and hands in a transfer request!

There is now added suggestion that Barcelona may be willing to pay £34million and include Brazilian left-back Maxwell as a makeweight.

With Fabregas set to leave, this means that Wenger is most likely going to resist selling Nasri. The Frenchman could come in and now play a more central role for the team where Fabregas was playing thus we would not need to go out and splash the cash on a new playmaker. Losing both Fabregas and Nasri would be a painful blow for Arsenal. A blow which may take a while to get over.


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  1. george says:

    y should arsene keep a player who is not willing to stay?!…i dont lyk wenger ways..

  2. Durban_GUN says:

    fabregas has come out and said that he will not ruin the club after been here for 8 years !! he is not leaving he is the captain of arsenal and he has to much respect for wenger because he knows how much wenger has put into this team .we beat chelsea united and barca last year !! those 3 teams are automatic champions league semi finalists what more do these fans want ?? this team is only 2-3 experienced players short of becoming the greatest team ever !! we gave barca a taste of their own medicine one of my proudest nights as a gooner coz i have only been supporting arsenal since 2006 ..imagine that was the CL final it would have gone down as the GREATEST OF ALL TIME !! ..this team will deliver wenger will show u how its done

  3. kays says:

    Mate ! U suck

  4. mick says:

    Do not be such a fool, if Barcelona would pay the correct price Fabregas can go. Why do you blame Wenger it is Barca causing the delays. Or are you one of the Anti Wenger brigade who blame him for everything, including the bad weather, the world econmic situation and Global warming.

  5. Oliseh Prince says:

    bla bla bla………………………..

  6. j says:

    gooners who believe this rubbish should not be arsenal fans ur just dumb. modric tevez both come out and say they want to leave go belive that, u aint heard nothing frm cesc until u do jus relax and see the players leaving our rivals lol

  7. Tazlent says:

    its funny hw someone can take advantage of eager fans who hv hardly had anything to read for the last 3 hours. i hope you know that this article is full of tiiiiiiiiih!!..

  8. nicky says:

    The Barcelona arrogance is breathtaking as they wait for Arsenal to buckle and accept the Spanish valuation. Some hope!!
    The news pictures I like today are those of Wenger enjoying the sun in the Med. That suggests to me that he’s so happy with the way Arsenal’s moving in the Summer Window, he’s content to leave transfers etc, in the hands of his staff back home. He oozes confidence!

  9. bc says:

    Surely you.can come up with some better blog writing than merely quoting the sun. crikey we can all just buy newspapers and read them then quote what they have written. but is it fucking true?

  10. Adetunji david says:

    Life goes on in arsenal team.let fab&nasir go.gunnes 4life

  11. forbar says:

    God be with u till we meet again, Mr Franscesc Fabregas.

  12. Clemzy says:

    viera,henry, d two most important playas dat cud eva hapn 2 arsenal as a club left,still we went on,so who is fabregas,am sick n tired of fabregas transfer rumour. Dis guy shud b allowed 2 go

  13. lawal Damilare says:

    I know he is a good player but the question I have for people that want him to stay beyond his wish is that did he win anything for us….so what if he goes…no player is bigger than any club….they go we stay(true fans)..he can leave,nasri can follow suit,clichy left so, life continues as an arsenal fan please…..”IN ARSENE I TRUST”

  14. TrueWisdom says:

    Barcelona should cough up or fuck off. Cesc is an Arsenal player, if they want him to play for them, its either 40 million or get lost. As for Nasri, hope he stays, he fits in well with the team and is a real star player.

  15. Charlie says:

    mick it’s not just Wenger than the moaners object to. It seems to be everything related to Arsenal. Which makes me wonder how can you call yourself fans ? It’s a case of with friends like that who needs enemies and it can only effect the team badly if you are playing a home game and half of the home fans are against their own team.

  16. Unpredictable says:

    What is wrong with you guys? Because a player wants to leave, Arsenal should accept any stupid offer from BARCA? Get a life. It is 50 million or nothing. Sorry for you Fab but if we don’t get right amount, you are going nowhere.

  17. Charlie says:

    I’m worried about his performances last year. We need a 100% committed Cesc Fabregas but we don’t need him in the form he was in last season. It might not be linked to his desire to play for Barcelona, only him and perhaps Arsene know the answer for sure. If it is then we’ll probably see an even less committed Cesc this season and at that point it’s time to sell him. He wasn’t terrible last year but he was definitely a lot worse than he was in the previous two seasons when we should be seeing a clear improvement at his age.

  18. para says:

    I find it strange that no one seems to realise that Cesc’s time has come to go, since two seasons ago.
    I personaly think that his commitment to Barca had a devastating effect on the team, especially with him being captain. No matter how good he is, he MUST go NOW, we cannot afford to have a player next season who has shown(CL match) his commitment to another team.
    And i think that Nasri will only/wants to go if Cesc stays.
    So let’s rebuild the team spirit we once had and supporters rally again the cry “Forward Arsenal”.

  19. Goonerholic says:

    Fabregas has not yet attended the pre season training so i wonder where he met with his fellow players and told them that.

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