Date: 6th July 2011 at 8:24pm
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With all the negative news and rumours going around at Arsenal these days, I was over the moon today when The Mirror reported that Villarreal are targeting Denilson to join them as they seek a long term replacement for Marcos Senna in the center of their midfield.

The moment Denilson came out at the end of the season and declared he wanted to leave, I thought we would never see him at Arsenal again. But no one has come in with a serious offer for him this summer. Hopefully this speculation linking Villarreal with Denilson materializes and we can get rid of the Brazilian and maybe use the cash we get from him on West Ham’s Scott Parker.

Speculation linking Arsenal with Parker has died down over the last couple of weeks. I still believe that Parker would be a great addition to our squad as he would add some much needed bite and experience to our central midfield.


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  1. Lambie says:

    Yes Parker would be a very good signing along with Samba and Cahill and maybe Given.

  2. Corper sulaimon says:

    Pls help us beg mr wenger.we are tired of mention without buying any player.i can’t go to vendor again.d curse is too much.

  3. Davi says:

    Vidal might be a better bet than parker. Younger, not so expensive. We just need that “engine” player

  4. Oliseh Prince says:

    We dont need parker, he’s old if injured it will neva heal on time n he has only one yr left on him.

  5. Elliot says:

    Get mata parker marcelo Cahill and a top quality striker for rvp (hulk?)

  6. bc says:

    I’ve been to Villareal, if they need someone to drive him there let me know.

  7. fowler says:

    if villarreal are short of cash i’ll pay the transfer fee. its got guna be a lot, its denilson.

  8. Usman says:

    Arsenal need samba, cahill, hazard, diego and given.

  9. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    I can donate his trans fee! Let him start parking tonight even without a formal bid!

  10. Azeez says:


  11. jrgoonar says:

    we just need cahill and baines. we’ve already signied gervinho (it will be revealed tomorow) and we need to replace clichy with baines and give vermaelen some support in cahill. that would be enough to win the league.

  12. nicky says:

    Still the nasty references to Denilson continue, instead of concentrating on new signings. He did his best and never deserved the abuse cast on him largely by morons.

  13. jrgoonar says:

    Are u nicky bendtner?? is that why ur defending denilson? lol

  14. gooner says:

    dnt sel denilson, loan him am get rid of flop almunia,squilaci,diaby,eboue,bendtner an buy cahil,vertonghen,vidal,gevinho(done),mata/hazardfalcoa an keep nasri then u ar epl champions

  15. noble says:

    thank God one of d dead woods is finally living. Dis is goin 2 b a great season 4 arsenal despite d rumours.

  16. nicky says:

    I’m just a fan (since the 1930’s) who thinks the abuse showered on an Arsenal player ON HIS HOME GROUND last season, was an absolute disgrace.
    The guy did his best and should have been entitled to 100% support.

  17. Jago says:

    I’ll pay the Ryan air flight with luggage as well!!

  18. olat says:

    Hallelujah,Denilson is going wonder if villarreal will need an assistance i will support infact will i can empty my account on this deal.Gud bye Mr Denilson……..

  19. bc says:

    Senna has signed a 3 year deal to stay with villareal. guess i will put a-z away again. seriously though i actually think denilson will be a very good player in another league. players with his stats are obviously good players just sometimes the hectic pace of the epl passes him by. what am i on about sometimes?

  20. Ayo Akindolie says:

    If Denilson wants out, sell him and employ the proceed in increasing Nasri’s wage and buy experienced holding midfielder 2 and 2 defenders. Dont sell Farbergas, rather buy & add quality players, the EPL will be ours.

  21. Bello Olumuyiwa says:

    If the news is true, I’m so much happy. Perhaps the signing fee is low, I can voluntary to balance it as long as he’s going bid arsenal byebye. Wish him well in Spain. Gunners for life.

  22. Philbet says:

    Clueless moronic fake fans, Denilson is avery valuable young footballer,the clown calling for him being replaced by Parker ought to take not of the respective transfer fees of the pair,Denilsons value is far higher but some people have not the intelligence to form there own oppinion and court favour my following other fools.

  23. wenger is a very syupid and greedy man should he sell nasri definatly u are going to suffer it, buy cahill and samber they are going to help.

  24. TrueWisdom says:

    If this is true, Villareal are gonna get relegated next season.

  25. xx says:

    I don’t care who stays or goes, all I want is a change in Manager. Wenger should leave now!!!

  26. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    I have never seen more cretinous and moronic comments on any Arsenal website! To those who say they’ll pay for Denilson’s transfer fees, try getting a job first you wankers…then pay your overdue palimony and overdue parking tickets, then your drug dealers!
    To those who want Wenger out…crawl back under the dung heap you hibernate in….the smell from your senseless rants is offensive.
    Dissing Denilson or Clichy or whatever is the flavour of the month for brain-dead, mindless followers and plastic fanboys who can’t come up with an original thought by themselves. Go back to the institutions you are condemned to ,take your Valium and change your diapers…the odour from your opinions is overwhelming!

  27. nicky says:

    Well said. At last some commonsense.

  28. drew10 says:

    I agree with Nicky about the abuse fans have been sending towards our own. I think in general Arsenal fans have become a bunch of spoilt children. We harp on about players showing loyalty yet we do not afford them the same respect. I do not doubt why the players want to leave us and go somewhere where they will be appreciated. If players like Diaby, Arshavin, Denilson, Eboue and Bendtner make a single mistake in a game they are abused from the stands. It makes for them not expressing themselves due to fear of failure. We are supporters and we should always give 100% support to anyone in the famous shirt. I wonder if these ‘fans’ even know what Victoria Concordia Crescit even means. Any so-called fan who boos an Arsenal player should not be allowed back in the ground. Their ticket could be given the the 1000’s of loyal fans who don’t get to see the team every week.

  29. nicky says:

    The saddest thing to my mind is that as and when Denilson leaves, those moronic fans will feel bound to pick on ANOTHER Arsenal player on whom to vent their abuse.

  30. Foots says:

    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGGGG. More bollocks on this site. Some of you fans remind me of the Israelites of olden times. They forgot everything God had done for them and rebelled against him. Ungrateful looking for something straight away even though they had been taken from slavery and led through the wilderness. So what if Fabregas goes or Nasri and Denilson looked promising but it hasn’t materialised so why ridicule him. Soem of the Israelites started worshiping other gods. I suggest you all do the same as when it’s our time to rise above the ashes only the faithful should feel that joy whilst the others with their false riches falter. If you don’t like it piss off. We have a Manager none of you could do any better and there would be no one else that could have done what he has done for us. If the board or the Owner of AFC wanted what you all wanted Wenger would be out in a shot. He has been given instructions and a budget to work with and is doing what he is instructed. Those of you who are managers would recognise this. But unfortunately a lot of you can’t even manage to spell properly. This isn’t football manager or fifa 2011, it’s real life. So leave the decisions to the big boys. We’ve only been in Europe for ages and built a brand new stadium and play entertaining football. All we need now are some supporters to stand behind what is our current situation have faith in our team with or without so called superstars and quit with the backstabbing. You’ll be the first ones shouting his name when you see our team playing well. So for all fake fans ‘shut up’ and go to Citeh if you want and for all my true brothers and sisters keep the faith.

  31. drew10 says:

    Nicky, I am old enough to remember some really shite players and even they would be supported by the fans. This current trend of fair-weather twats slating our own players is sickening. I sometimes wonder if it would be worth not winning things for a while longer so they all fuck off and support Citeh!

  32. Yj says:

    Arsenal can add Bendtner and Almunia as a bonus so as to hasten the deal

  33. steph says:

    Buy gervinho,cahill,ally,gordon, parker,benzima. Let fabregas, denilson,alumnia,bentdner go also keep nasri as new attacking midfielder. Arsenal will b hot next season

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