Date: 5th July 2011 at 8:50am
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I was a fan of the TV Series Prison Break and I could not help think about the show when I was read an exclusive report in The Sun that said our very own Alex Song may have to go to jail after after allegedly beating up a student in Cameroon last month.

Now Song is saying he did not touch anyone in the apparent brawl on June 7.

As if things were already not bad enough for Arsenal now we have to have this issue hanging over our heads. Imagine how the press and the opposition fans are going to have a go at Song now?

The Mirror is reporting that the student was beaten badly by Song.

The students lawyer apparently said: “My client was severely beaten. We have witnesses who are ready to speak out.

“My client is a student at Douala University and he never provoked the footballer at any time. We know justice will be done.”

I wonder how true all of this is but if it is then Song may face up to two years in jail which would be a huge blow to his career and to Arsenal as we are looking to him to be a big player for us this coming season. Maybe he should have a word with Michael Scofield and plan a prison break so he can come back to Arsenal.

What do you make of this story?


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  1. Aussie Jack says:

    I don`t advocate violence but ,even if this were true, having a bit of a punch up used to be the masculine thing to do once in a while when I was young. Get your arse home Alex and get to training.

  2. W OLALEKAN says:


  3. W OLALEKAN says:


  4. Rasheed83 says:

    Feel sorry 4 u song if thiz is real true,can’t accept loosin all u my team playaz..1st gael now song etc

  5. Harley says:

    Alex Song is not a bully so they should stop the frame up this whole is just abourt Arsenal this season every body is trying us dawn 2 pls come home (Emirate)for training ok

  6. yahya bichi says:

    let justice do its work on him, cos dis is unfair as professional player concern.

  7. swissgooner says:

    This ist NO news. the media like to do their business on Arsenal’s back (because many arsenal fans are so excitable – or hysterical?. )i am from cameroon and if this were true, it would be everywhere in the press because the “song-eto’o row” is a very good seller.

    btw, the “song-eto’o row” was a non-story. you cannot comment such stories from cameroon if you don’t understand how people work there and the influence eto’o has got there (which often results in “abuses” on his fellow internationals without losing the support of public authorities). The problem of Song is that he disaproved that and made it known… and got punished. I would say that I appreciate Song even more because he has shown a lot of dignity and self-control since the beginning.

    It’s still possible that some people try to exploit the situation to do their own business or bring out their own frustration against the player (Cameroon is out of the next ACN after a disastrous management of the qualifyng games!). Will gooner blogs and fans now jump on the bandwagoon?

  8. Mustapha A. Hakeem says:

    What happend to song can happend to any body becouse this’s matter of hot temper any body can fail in to it. I did not encourage any body to beat or faiting but can forced to do something as per as the situation.If your life is in denger and you are helpness you can even force to kill. So believe something must joint them together for me it is two faiting and power past power

  9. Charlie says:

    This has to be a wind-up. A rich man in Africa getting a jail sentance for throwing a few punches in a nightclub. Don’t take this the wrong way but i’ve lived in South Africa, which is surely less corrupt than Cameroon, and a rich man can get away with a hell of a lot more than that by paying the right people. I don’t know where the “2 years in jail” comes from but it looks like a poor kid trying to extort some money to me.

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