Date: 4th July 2011 at 5:00pm
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Tomorrow (Tuesday) 5 July 2011 is going to be a very interesting day at Arsenal’s training ground, London Colney as the players are expected to report back for pre-season training.

With all the transfer speculation that has been hitting our club this summer you would think that no one will be at training tomorrow as we are constantly being linked with players leaving Arsenal and very few coming in.

Obviously the two faces that all eyes will be on tomorrow are Fabregas and Nasri as they have been subject to leaving Arsenal this summer. Fabregas was on holiday in Spain and was thought to want to stay there and move to Barcelona. But that deal has not happened and I expect to see our captain reporting for duty tomorrow whether he is happy or not.
Nasri is either going to be a Manchester United or City player by the end of this summer if you believe the press. I know a lot of people read into Nasri looking sad during Arsenal’s new kit launch and said that judging by those pictures he was not happy at Arsenal and wants to leave. Well, tomorrow we will see what happens as some suggest he is only coming to training so he can tell Wenger that he quits.

Gael Clichy is most likely not to be there tomorrow as it is thought he is in Manchester today (Monday) to have a medical for Manchester City before he completes his move to that club.

The other two I am interested in seeing tomorrow are Bendtner and Denilson as they both said they want to leave the club but no one has bought them yet. How are the rest of the Arsenal team going to treat them?

You can be sure to stay tuned to tomorrow as we bring you the latest news from London Colney.


0 responses to “Why tomorrow is an important day at Arsenal”

  1. Martin says:

    Ur a bit slow & late mate wen arsenal reported back today even fab turned up so clichy & Nas go do one

  2. arsene wengwe is a stupit and greedy man and he must leave arsenal.

  3. wu says:

    Denilson may be retired tomorrow

  4. nicky says:

    All is well. Everyone is back. Overall Window is open with 8 long weeks to run. No-one has left Arsenal.
    Lads tired after first day’s training.
    Have patience.

  5. nicky says:

    All is well. Everyone is back. Overall Window is open with 8 long weeks to run. No-one has left Arsenal.
    Lads tired after first day’s training.
    Have patience.

  6. joseph says:

    We canĀ“t wait the transfer window closes to try to get some new players, the EPL begins august 13, so we need to bring new signings before that date. I agree Nasri wants to leave the club, we didn’t win trophies for 6 years, what are we going to promise our players: play nice and no trophies. As a Arsenal fan i want to celebrate championships, i disagree with the way Wenger is handling the transfer politics of the club. This season we were 4th, nest season what 5th, 6th????? or even worse. Sad but TRUE.

  7. Darule says:

    Messi is also seen training with the lads with Fab going the other way Messi seem to have set his mind in coming to North London.

  8. gordween says:

    i tink wenger should sign alvarez and gervinho not forgetting samba cos he is tall cos most of the goals we considered wer crossed

  9. nicky says:

    Hope you have started a media frenzy!

  10. Iliyasu musa says:

    Nasri should stay

  11. khalid wale says:

    Arsen Wenger should please stop playing politics of the transfer.

  12. Hilary says:

    Its the high tym wenger shld leave the club, i mean hw on earth can u sale your best players n replace wit kids n expect 2 win. Am totaly fed up, he shld know tat arsenal isnt his own club n infact FA shld fine n sanction wenger 4 his unbecoming behaviour.

  13. lethimgo says:

    let wenger leave arsenal alone, i used to be a fan of wenger but his ways are understandable

  14. Pls will need nasri & let fabregas and clichy go & get other players to arsenal.up Gonners

  15. Temmy Absalam says:

    Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal, we are tired of him. Pls wat are the Arsenal board doing about this, we Arsenal fans in Nigeria are tired

  16. Yemgunner says:

    Stop insulting wenger

  17. Ajilo olabisi says:

    Why Arsenal Malnager is so stupid?

  18. Wako says:

    I use to like this man called mr. wenger but now he dont exit. i think he shouled be sacked

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