Date: 4th July 2011 at 9:50am
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With Gervinho expected to sign for Arsenal this week, The Mirror is reporting that Arsene Wenger still wants to add another striker to the squad this summer and Wolves’ Irish international Kevin Doyle is the reported target.

At first thought, Doyle may not be the big name signing we wants at Arsenal that may convince the current players to stay but looking at it closely, Doyle could just be the kind of striker we need at Arsenal to bang in the goals for us when he is called upon to do so.

Doyle may not start straight away in the first team if Van Persie and Gervinho are fit and on form, but what we have lacked over the years is a quality striker who is able to come off the bench and score goals for us. Doyle may just be the right man. What I like about Doyle is that he already has Premier League experience so we will not need to wait for him the settle into the league.
The fact that Doyle is British is also a positive as we have not had many British players in our squad of late and it would be nice getting a couple more of them in especially if we add Gary Cahill to the squad this summer.

As with any transfer at Arsenal, the critical thing is the money. The reported £12million is a lot of money to spend but that is the going rate for British players in the Premier League now, you have to pay a premium for them. If Doyles was young than his current 27 years of age then I am sure we would be paying more for him but at 27, Doyle has enough experience to add to our squad which is what we need.

What are your thoughts about Kevin Doyle and him potentially joining Arsenal?


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  1. Waheed coded says:

    We dont need him in arsenal, we want british players like chalton cole, darren bent etc

  2. joe blogs says:

    he is irish!!!! he has no union jack around his hole!!!!!!!

  3. Amrut says:

    Since when have Irish players been considered british ? (considering this guy is not from NI). Seems gossip mongering anyway.

  4. PeeWee says:

    Please god say it aint so!

  5. Terry says:

    not being funny if we start signing players of this quality then we may as well just give up now i dont think this will convince cesc & nasri to stay as for clichy just P**S off you S**T anyway

  6. I’m very tired & sick of the endless speculation about arsenal.I surf the net countless times a day, only to read how Arsenal wants to sign player A or B without anything coming to fruition. What a hell is going on at the club? How long does it take to pay 11m & sign Gervinho & Alvarez? Does mr Wenger think that delaying to sign any new players WILL do a lot of good to the preparations for the new season? How long must he keep Arsenal players & fans waiting? Does he think Ferguson was silly to make his signings early? For a team that finished a disappointing 4th, Wenger should have been one of the 1st in the market, not the last, as it doesn’t inspire any confidence at all. Everyday more & more Arsenal players are being linked with moves away from the club. Although many of those stories are not true, they keep a cloud of uncertainty around the Emirates, which derails the team’s pre-season preps. Let Wenger cough up the money to sign Gervinho, Cahill & Alvarez, to show some ambition that will persuade the likes of Nasri to commit to the club.The more he will delay his signings, the more determined players will determined current players will become to want out. Show some ambition Mr WENGER!!!!!!!!!

  7. wengernumb says:

    he is a very good player..i think he is generally underated. If cesc leaves and swells our coffers by 35 million, i believe we should invest in a better striker though. Someone like falcao for instance. I like doyle he is a solid striker, but we aint gonna win the league with him are we!

  8. Ilyas rasheed rosicky says:

    Mr wenger,i beg go 4 gary cahill,kevin doyle nd ricky alvarez quickly b4 pre-season start nd let samir nasri go if he wot go nd get bayer leverkusen midfielder arturo vilda 4 replace.

  9. Lawal says:

    If arsenak could add such player it will bust the moral of the team

  10. o god will did need dat kind of striker

  11. TrueWisdom says:

    Pay so much for a bench warmer? Hell no. Rather just keep Chamakh just in case.

  12. wale says:

    I will like say wenger & the management are selfish all they know is making money not to sign player but to share among,tell mr wenger to sign quality player that are ambitious,more committed instead of wasting our time.

  13. Oluyemi Abolarinwa says:

    doyle is the type of player we really need b’cos he is consistent and doesn’t fear any defender, has he always disturb them and his teamate picking up those chances. Van persie is the only player that is better than him and don’t even mention chamak or whatever. We better get that guy now if we want to beat those stubborn and top clubs

  14. Prince Marvel T.Ojo-Taiwo says:

    it ain’t gonna do us no good 2 sign such a wenger or le prof,use d money given 2 u 2 buy us world class players.u have so much money wt u.pls,do ur trading fast and give us no excuse at d end of d day dat u could not find players at d right price.

  15. Adeyemi says:

    Arsene wenger is d main problem arsenal is having,no wonder he can never go to the like of real-madrid.he cares for himself and the board alone not for player and 4 we d fans.all i knw is dat if we dnt sign gud players we wil be playing @ the europa cup next season.

  16. Emeka says:

    Wenger pls sign alverez b4 inter hijack him pls buy quality players doyle,gervinho,cahil are al welcum let nasri go he wil end up like hleb nd flamini my blood presure is high pls sign players nd save me 4rm my friends

  17. ujah gabriel says:

    all we need to do is to get gervinho,alvarez,edwin hazard,chail and get some good defenders. den nasir and fab can leave am sure wit these guys we could have a double this season

  18. Kayode says:

    pls mr wenger pls just buy player like gervinho and samba and cahill and alvarez and some defenders if fabregas and nasri and clicy if they like to go they should go will be better
    Off if they go we are waittng mr wenger pls do something
    Gunner for life

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