Date: 3rd July 2011 at 12:00pm
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It just goes to show that some fans really get upset when a player from their team misses. We were left very frustrated at times last season when we failed to find the back of the net. One just has to look at Arsene Wenger to see how get gets emotional on the touch line and ends up kicking water bottles.

Take a look at the video below of an Equatorial Guinea fan who was very, very upset when a great goal opportunity is wasted in a FIFA Women’s World Cup match against Norway.


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  1. bewk24 says:

    AW & Arsenal board ar careless and stupid. They always want how to get money. They don’t worry the mental satifaction of good fans and talented players.

  2. vincent says:

    am an arsenal fan from uganda,am tired and sick of our club!.if they cant manage (arsenal board) our players,then we’re finished.5 of our best players are going becoz u’re greedy of money.u rather (board) get your sons and put them in the team to fill the gaps of those who are going.,& u could earn more profits becoz even the salary of those added players would remain in your pockets since they’ll be your sons.what would be the best thing,u should sell all of them & u wear jerseys & play thats what wil give u even more sori but you are all “SHIT” (arsenal board) becoz,you dont care a bout us.

  3. damned says:

    I dont know what philosopy of this club.

    A football school?
    A Great Trader Company?

    Yeah, I’m sick… I’m tired…

    But I know I will always Arsenal till I die…

    I just sick with the condition today.

  4. jcon says:

    well arsenal is sick, get us new players who re experience

  5. What is going on in arsenal,what is our manager doing pls get quelity players

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