Date: 2nd July 2011 at 9:47am
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Whilst all the focus at Arsenal right now may be on Fabregas and his eminent departure to Barcelona, it seems like Arsenal are one up on Barcelona already according to The Sun. It is reporting that Arsenal have signed another one of Barcelona’s young players just like what they did when Fabregas made the move from Spain to Arsenal.

Arsenal may not need a new right-back right now but 16-year-old Hector Bellerin has made the move from the Nou Camp to the Emirates as he thinks he will get more first team action at Arsenal than Barcelona. Wenger has no problems fielding young players in the team but at 16, Bellerin may have to wait a season or two before he gets he crap at Arsenal.

Bellerin, speaking to Spanish TV programme Punto Pelota, said: “I was at home and my father called me to say Arsenal had been on the phone.

“We decided to go there to see how things are. I hadn’t made up my mind because I’d been at Barcelona all my life so it was very difficult.

“But after evaluating things I decided to join Arsenal. When you want to be a professional you have to look to make your way. And I believe the right path for me was to choose Arsenal.

“We met Mr Wenger and it went so well. It was all too much for me but I paid full attention to everything he said. When there is a team that guarantees you can play in the first team and above all in the Premier League, then it is very difficult to say no.

“Mr Wenger was explaining to me how the club was and the project they had prepared for me and above all he wanted to get to know me.”

It seems that Arsene has no problem at all in signing young players, they are want to play for him, probably because they have seen that they can play in the first team at Arsenal no matter what your age is. A lot has been said about Arsenal’s youth policy and its pros and cons. One thing is for sure, if Wenger stays at Arsenal and has time to work on these youngsters, we could have a great side in a couple of seasons time.


0 responses to “Arsenal sign Barcelona right-back”

  1. silah says:

    why are running stale reports?????????????????

  2. adam says:

    wenge bay good player

  3. sahil says:

    We have signed him months ago.Plus he is a winger and not a right back.Get your facts right.

  4. chinedu says:

    why right back u have sing right back last month why another.that is the kind of player u can sing from barca. Why can’t u buy tiago al. We are tiryed of all this kids when the get matured the we leave arsenal. By the time u need them most.ask for pedro or macharano.

  5. bc says:

    He does play right back actually sahil. He is like Alves, plays wing back.

  6. TrueWisdom says:

    Hopefully he turns into another Fab

  7. sid says:

    A.F.C. should change its name to Arsenal Training School. ridiculous stuff.

  8. Splurgghh says:

    “Bellerin may have to wait a season or two before he gets he crap at Arsenal.”


  9. Lawal Alao says:

    What we need now is to buy big player bayo

  10. Sunday oladele says:

    Pls tell wenger to sign good player

  11. Jenzy says:

    Wenger,buy big players.we want gud players.

  12. Yes, this one is old news. He has signed for us months ago. Hopefully we’ll sign someone on Monday.

  13. osheku alfred says:

    to me i don’t believe in young players any more for six years.

  14. Omodaji godwin says:

    Gosh! wenger is nt helpin matters! we gunners’re tired of watin 4 trophies.he shud bring in plyers like samba,gervinho… Our prblem is 4rm d set pieces,we need plyers like samba 2 take gud care of dat, n nt sme tenagers who cn hardly make a difference.gunners 4 life!

  15. Osadolor Nosakhare says:

    Mr wenger please live these kids alone.Sign expirience an mature player,our problem is set pices with samba,cahi our back four will solidify it will be in this formation, verminator cahi samba,sagna.First 11 should be like this Garviho,Rvp,arshavi,nasri,wilshare,song,verminator,cahi,samba,sagna,chesney while second 11 squard should be jet,charmack,rosiky,ramsy,walcot,frimpon,gibs,kosieny,djuroun,eboe,fabiasky.Please wenger we need trophies you can do it again.Gunners till i die.

  16. G.maths says:

    I guess arsenal needs anoda department, ‘ARSENAL INVESTMENT’ Wenger pls we need immediate solution not future solution. Pls sign matured player dat we give us immediate needs we need trophies dis cson.

  17. kolawole abayomi says:

    prof we need matured players

  18. IssaBangura says:

    you must stop this now and try to give us trophies .we the Arsenl fans need compensation and not proposal.

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