Date: 1st July 2011 at 1:59pm
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Arsenal still need to sign a new and experienced goalkeeper, that is my opinion. We all know how useless Almunia is and although Szczesny seems to be a great talent and one for the future, we need someone to come in now and be our established number one goalkeeper.

All great teams are built on the foundation of a good keeper, just look at the success we had with David Seaman in goal. Now there are not too many good goalkeepers on the market today. We had tried to get Pepe Reina from Liverpool but that did not quite work out.

Now Manchester United were another club after a goalkeeper and they managed to get David De Gea but I think they were dumb in not pursuing the Dutch number one, Maarten Stekelenburg. The Ajax keeper is rated as one of the best in the world and it is understood now that he is keen on a move to the Premier League according to talkSPORT.

Since United has a new keeper, they will not be after him, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool all have goalkeepers so they are not in the market for one so that only leaves us as a viable destination for Stekelenburg.

Roma are another club keeping a close eye on the 28 year old stopper but nothing concrete has come out of that deal. I believe that Wenger should step up his efforts in signing Stekelenburg and then we can build our defence around him.


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  1. bc says:

    Absolutely, i would offer Fabianski or Mannone in p/exchange and throw in Almunia as a bonus.
    Perhaps as an extra sweetner they would like Miyaichi on loan? In the past Ajax have also shown interest in Bendtner, Eboue, Denilson and Vela. With Bergkamp now at no.2 perhaps we can secure the services of Van der Weil and Vertonghen as well

  2. NoWay says:

    No chance WS53 will be our “NO.1” next year, look back at all previous kit advertisements, we always used 2-3 keepers for the GK home and away combos, yet WS is the only person modelling both kits both in store and online.

    IMO he’s a good enough keeper anyway, we only conceded 10 more goals than city, who have joe hart between the sticks and the majority of those would be down to the defence in front of the man in the goal.

  3. stu says:

    szcezency is good enough and should be our no.1

    look at some of the current best keepers in the world for example iker casillas – made his debut at 17 in the champions league final and has been no.1 ever since!!!!

    we need to spend the money on either 2 new centre backs or 1 centre back and 1 left back than go for stekelburg – who is over rated anyway!!!

  4. Afen says:

    Get him throw almunia away,loan mannone his tall,xperiencd also we need 8players samba, cahill,parker,oxlade chamberlain,alvarez,geo,benzema,baines.get them

  5. head says:

    Szczesny is not ‘one for the future’.

    Szczesny is the present – and the future of Arsenal’s no 1.

  6. young_gunnerz says:

    stekelenberg is better we should try our darn best to get him, even if it is for 10 mil pounds or 12. At this point we are just sitting trying to buy other club’s toys while being stingy.

  7. jrgoonar says:

    I think unfortunately we can no longer hope for the signings of chamberlain, baines, benzema or parker. Its getting stupid now. All those players are desperately needed in the squad and are there for the taking but once again wenger has just sat there saying “we will have a busy summer”, then when he didnt sign he said it was cos he is waiting until the window ‘officially’ opens, and now he’s saying towards the end of the summer! Im pulling my hair out, its just unfair. We need the singings and I know when it comes to the end of the summer he will say “we tried but other teams beat us”. ffs! if we acted now we would get them 1st no excuses, the lily white c**ts will probably beat us to one of them and that would never happen if he just got his arse in gear (no pun intended) and made transfers just like every other manger does, or even go about it like any normal person buys anything! its common sense, when u go in a shop and see they only got 1 left of the thing u want and others are behind u trying to get it, u dont just stand there and try to haggle with the shop keeper! u grab it with both hands and then run to the checkout!!

  8. greg says:

    Comon, Szczesny and Fabianski have been outstanding both this season, they will be even better next season, Fabianski injurie seems gone and will surely get back into the team, a nice “fight” bitwin the polish 😉

  9. Tanaka Felix Chidemo says:

    We have given a lot of youngsters chances to prove their worth and in some cases we’ve been let down by them because they were just not good enough. The result of all these trials has been 6 big errors that need to be addressed now! WS is good but we can’t risk it. We need a proven force or its unlucky7 for us. I’m not sure this Dutchman will do it though. I’d prefer someone nearing the end of his career so that WS doesn’t have to wait too long to be our no.1.

  10. suguruni says:

    you are right, we need a good goalkeeper, dont forget that we have our bests times with two of best goalkeepers of history, david seaman and lehman, fortuity? i dont think so

  11. chris says:

    Here here … but for some unknown reason Wenger will not spend real money on a goal keeper … Wenger’s Rule !!

  12. TrueWisdom says:

    Wenger should keep Almunia. Heard his good with dusting trophy cabinets. As for Scezcny, he should be 1str choice keeper and Stekelenberg should be a last resort.

  13. wale says:

    Mr. Wenger is obviously the most unserious coach in the EPL. His lack of activity in this window only reminds me of inactivities in past windows and ‘oh, only if we had signed…’ Arsenal players if they truely want success in terms of trophies, should strike or refuse to sign new contracts. Mr. Wenger can then go to hell

  14. Adavize says:

    Mr.wenger is not serious in this transfer talk.

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