Date: 28th June 2011 at 3:08pm
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Arsene Wenger has written a letter back to a disgruntled fan. This is a first I have seen and the letter can be read in its entirety here courtesy of The Sun.

Wenger touched on several points in the letter where he highlighted that Arsenal are not just going to go out and spend money like crazy in the transfer market as their aim is to remain a profitable club. Which to me makes a lot of sense.

In the letter Wenger also complained about not having his key players fit enough to play a large part of the games last season. Cesc Fabregas played 22 games, Robin Van Persie 18 or 19 games, and Thomas Vermaelen played four or five games. How can we expect to do well if our top 3 players are hardly on the field?

The part of the letter that Wenger touched on and I am glad he raised was that no matter how well we play and how many goals we score, we will not win anything if we can not defend. Defence wins titles, no matter what sport you play in.

Wenger wrote, “We have shown that we have the technical ability to win the league but not the defensive solidity to do it. We have learned that we have the quality, despite what everybody is saying, but of course we need to gain some strength in some areas of the team.

“We are frustrated and disappointed but we should not go overboard. We just have to rectify things in the areas that we need to improve. Mentally of course, I hope that the team has learned a lot this season because we could not cope with the number of games, nor the pressure in the important moments of the season.”

It is no surprise that Wenger is being heavily linked with moves for central defenders this summer as that is where we need to invest wisely in. If we are able to get Vermaelen fit and playing well then all we need is another quality central defender to play alongside him. My dream signing would be Bolton’s Gary Cahill as I can see him working well with Vermaelen.

So if Arsenal are to push on from last season and mount another serious title charge, we have to work on our defence which we can do.


0 responses to “Wenger: We do not have the defence to win the league”

  1. Hanifa mall-arsene says:


  2. Charles says:

    We need experieced defenders to protect the keeper. Gunners 4 Life. JAHGUIDE

  3. skwam says:

    this has been repeatedly said over the last many seasons everyone….its a shame that wenger has finally conceded to that fact now and sadly after frustrating fans, our good players and himself! as much as you need a super striker or super creative midffielder, you need super defenders! football isnt all about attacking midfielders…Vidic has been Man Utds best player in a team with the Rooneys and Giggs…no loss on home soil! its about time!

  4. Northbanksy says:

    All of the points he makes are valid, but the defence needed strengthening 12 months ago & in January & the right players wern’t brought in…why not?? It cost us the league title this year.

  5. sinjin8888 says:

    Thanks for the memories Arsene, but it is time to go.

  6. ScottyRSA says:

    RVP Played 26 + 7 off the bench. i very highly doubt this was in fact a letter from AW. its not in his nature to do such a thing nor talk about the things that has been said in this letter

  7. anon1 says:

    We have been saying this for a couple of years now!

    But at least he is now listening…. or seeing with his own eyes …. so good news, even the fan base do feel a little invisible.

  8. hasan says:

    i smell something from aw, go n get’em professor.
    in arsene we trust

  9. lamdong11 says:

    @ScottyRSA: Cesc Fabregas played 22 games, Robin Van Persie 18 or 19 games, and Thomas Vermaelen played four or five games

    A number games of EPL. Not for all.

  10. Joey says:

    Does anyone knows who the players will be announced by AW on the first of july are ?

  11. rockofgilberto says:

    This was taken from The Sun, and if you believe what they write, you probably breathe exclusively through your mouth. Arsene never wrote to a fan (or “opened his heart” as the Sun said); all of the bits above were lifted directly from Arsene’s press conferences. So if you’re looking for an admission, it happened over months.

  12. TrueWisdom says:

    I trust Wenger

  13. Liam says:

    Sorry Wenger but the buck stops with you. How can he say and try to use the excuse that the defence is not good enough? We all know this but he is the mug he has bought these defenders and stuck with them, its all to late. Fab and nasri are going and thats all down to wenger not spending and us not challenging.

  14. NefariousGooner says:

    @hasan- what your smelling from Wenger is the stench of failure and the continued shit he keeps feeding you AKB imbeciles.
    How many more seasons of the same predictable inaction and under performance will you tolerate? We ARE the third richest football club in the World, oh sorry I meant the board of directors are the third richest bunch of money grubbing thieves and tight assess in the world.
    It’s about time we were appreciated as fans and not taken for mugs. Sack the board, get the fat Russian in to mix it up and sack Wenger the accountant and bring in an actual football manager, not a financial advisor to a bunch of greedy fatcats.
    Surely this has to be the last chance season for all concerned before drastic surgery is called for. Time to cut the cancer out killing our great club!

  15. eddie says:

    Its actually fair-weather supporters like NefariousGooner who put our manager and players under unnecesary pressure who should use the transfer window to find new clubs to support because AW is going nowhere! IN ARSENE WE TRUST!

  16. xx says:

    Wenger is past his “sale by date” He should leave along with the elders in the boardroom. The club needs new ownership and manager.

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