Date: 28th June 2011 at 10:45am
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The transfer window is starting to get full of activity. From an Arsenal perspective, not much has been happening in our transfer window as we are still awaiting our first major signing. We continue to be linked with a whole list of players but nothing too concrete yet.

Arsenal are after a central defender and it is pretty obvious that we need one although some fans disagree with this and feel that Arsenal’s defensive weaknesses can be solved on the training ground. Be that as it may, Wenger has been constantly linked with a move for Blackburn’s Chris Samba but that deal seems to be dragging on for way too long now and Blackburn may decide not to sell Samba or they may price him out of a move.

This means that Wenger may now have to turn his attentions to another central defender and it could easily be Bolton’s Gary Cahill.

Reports are suggesting that talks are at an advanced stage between Arsenal and Bolton with the Gunners ready to meet the 25-year-old’s £17million release clause, although a player-plus-cash offer is also thought to have been discussed.

Who would you rather Arsenal sign? Samba or Cahill?

Which central defender would you rather Arsenal sign?

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0 responses to “Wenger turns to Cahill instead of Samba”

  1. TrueWisdom says:

    I choose Samba as he has a lot more to offer than Cahill

  2. hollyweed says:

    can’t we sign both?

  3. felix says:

    I think both Cahill and Samba should be signed, that will bring alot of confidence on the pitch and the bench as far as our backline in concerned…. Gunners 4life

  4. Patrick says:

    Personally, I would prefer Samba as he is more commanding and bigger. But signing both of them would be just great. It would show that the club has grasped the nettle with regard to our shambolic defending where everyone runs around like a headless chicken and pointedly fail to defend. This made us look really bad almost a laughing stck. It was responsible for our shocking end of term showing .

  5. samson says:

    I think we should sign both of dem

  6. G4L says:

    We need BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. moh says:

    i choosed neather becuase i know wenger will go cheap and unknown player

  8. nicky says:

    At long last, a post which mentions that our defensive frailties can, in part, be solved on the training ground. How true that is. Of course we could do with stiffening the back 4 but much needs to be done in pre-season coaching.

  9. Alun says:

    Sooner have Cahill we wont lose him when the ACN comes around in the middle of the season

  10. mick says:

    The fact that we had the best defensive record in open play and the worst for set pieces would point to an organizational and coaching solution rather in conjuntion with an injection of new personal. My feeling is one new experienced arrival would be good in unison with extensive pre season defensive drilling. Don’t forget that Vermaelan will be like a new signing having missed all but 3 games last season. I am sure this is the way we will go.

  11. Slugboy says:

    We need height, not just training ground practice. Although some of our problems are positional, most come from the lack of height – strikers simply out jumping us.

    I’d go with Samba

  12. jean marie says:

    if we had both it would have been better,but cahill can be a better signing than samba due to his age n nationality

  13. rogers says:

    I think cahill would be a fantatic buy. Being English, he would bring us the no die attitude, thats all we need.

  14. Lonya Keah says:

    Wenger,pliz go for Cahill. He is the only solution to our problem.

  15. teecee says:

    we are in desperate need of both, signing just one centre back is not good enough, we can only afford to carry either one of Koscieleny or Djourou in the squad. Obv should get rid of Squillaci . If I had to choose between Samba and Cahill I would go for Cahill as brings British spirit into the dressing room.

  16. Joy Richy says:

    forget it guys he can’t sign them both…but if am to choose it’ll be samba though cahill have age advantage but i know samba will be our immediate need…

  17. Chuka says:

    I prefare samba cos English players ar not consistance ,thet can disapoint @ any time so samba is the right choice

  18. bonface says:

    we need both n vortghen becouse sometimes injury cost arsenals alot

  19. Cj says:

    I want both to be signed

  20. Jesusisagooner says:

    @TrueWisdom well your name unfortunately doesn’t say a lot for you.. He has a lot more to offer than Cahill? Have you seen him turn, he’s slower than a passenger ferry.. He is not a good passer of the ball, so please TELL ME.. What more does he have to offer than one of the best central defenders in the country.. People like you make me laugh, you are the same person that will be calling for Wengers head as he made another poor decision buying Samba come December.. You have no idea….

    Samba and his defence let in 7 against Man Utd, REMEMBER THAT??

  21. Jesusisagooner says:

    Guys, TRUST ME, if we buy SAME’BA’ we will end up having the same problems.. He is not wanted by any other of the top 5 teams, doesn’t that tell you something???


  23. just-sholay says:

    Both players will be good if we have d cash 2 do that,rememba that we need at least a mid- fielder n a striker.Gooners 4 eva.

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