Date: 26th June 2011 at 8:00pm
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The People is reporting that Cesc Fabregas will pay £5million to get his dream move to Barcelona.

Fabregas reportedly has a clause in his Arsenal contract that entitles him to 15 per cent of the cash from any move away from the Emirates. So whatever Barcelona or anyone else bid for Fabregas, the midfielder is set to pocket 15% of that into his own back pocket but now it is thought that Fabregas does not want that money and would rather use it to fund his deal.

So if Barcelona come back with an improved £33million bid, Cesc is meant to get £5m but in this case he will then not keep it for himself but rather use it to help fund his deal to go to Barcelona.

If Fabregas does do this, it will be a clear sign that he really wants to leave Arsenal for Barcelona.


0 responses to “Fabregas will buy his way out of Arsenal”

  1. deedoug says:

    He has had †?? whole oppurtunity ???? hand in his transfer request but hasn’t done so. Don’t bet he would do that. Press should stop making mountains out of morehills ???? use ??? sell their papers. Very pathetic

  2. Gilbert says:

    That is total speculation..csec was very clear on that anything in the press is to scare the fans…i think csec reads all the news surrunding his future and just starts smiling bse its far from the truth..

  3. olatunde ijasan says:

    allow him to go to avoid distractions

  4. Wengerspendplease says:

    Bored so bored with this fabregas saga, if I am this fed up with it how much do reckon fab is over it. 2 years now I mean come on….

  5. Mike says:

    This rumour is pure crap

  6. sunmairulz21 says:

    sell dis guy 4 Christ sake.we don’t nid him again

  7. fred says:

    haha, barca cant even afford fabregas in the 1st place, end of story

  8. BILL GREGORY says:

    If you are true arsenal supporters, why are you spreading this crap. It is no wonder players want to leave.

  9. jrgoonar says:

    what is with all these african people on the comments of every arsenal blog, why arent u on an african teams site, its annoying cos uve got such strong oppinions but have no right cos uve probably never even been to a game let alone have a season ticket which is the only thing that gives you the right to moan about signings and club finances cos we, as season ticket holders contribute to the funds.

  10. para says:

    Not all afrikan people live in afrika son.

  11. SA Gooner says:

    jrgoonar you are stupid, why do you think Real, Barce and Manu are regarded as powerful brands its because they do they marketing Internationally! I might not have been to a game but because i own an original Arsenal shirt and that TV stations have bought rights to broadcast Arsenal games here in South Africa or Africa as whole has some how grown the Arsenal brand and finances. Atleast i now know that there are dumb people like you in Europe too!!!

  12. majaa says:

    There is no such thing ever written in any contract. Stupid stupid rumour.

  13. SL Gooner says:

    jrgoonar how dare you make such a stupid statement. So in your little mind only a season ticket holder truly loves Arsenal FC and has the right to have an opinion. Get a life man

  14. Bots Gooner says:

    It’s such a shame that very popular teams like Arsenal can have vermin like jrgoonar in their midst masquerading as fans. I even doubt you’re a season ticket holder because you’d know it doesnt come with the rights to be a major league a$$hole!!

  15. fatty says:

    jrgooner ya sad git ya dont have to be a season ticket holder 2 be a fan.wot an idiot

  16. fuck u jrgoonar,u are a cunt,idiot like u are not expected to be here.but u know Africans leave in Europe.

  17. drugJankie says:

    Fabregas is better off at arsenal he’ll only get a regular starting 11 position when xavi or iniesta decide to retire.

  18. Theo says:

    Haha! Jrgooner wat a cripled coment uve heard of staut african fans commit suicide.without yo ticket its ARSENAL STILL aLLOVER.

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