Date: 26th June 2011 at 12:00pm
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Cesc Fabregas will be allowed to leave Arsenal this summer but only if Arsene Wenger convinces Samir Nasri to stay at the club according to the Guardian. Wenger may finally give up on keeping Cesc at Arsenal if he is able to get Nasri to stay.

Whether he is able to keep Nasri remains to be seen as Nasri is refusing to sign a new contract. With Arsenal having rejected a £27million bid from Barcelona for Fabregas, it is expected that Barcelona are going to come back with a new bid for our captain.

Now if Wenger is hoping to sell Fabregas and keep Nasri, it will be a tall order as Nasri has stated that he will only stay if Arsenal buy new star players and keep Fabregas. Selling Fabregas may not go down well with Nasri as he wants world class players around him. But then on the other hand, Nasri should look at Fabregas’ departure as an opportunity for him to now be the star man at Arsenal.

The way I see it, one of these two is still going to be an Arsenal player next season. I would love it if both of them were to stay but I can not see that happening.


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  1. emmculate says:

    case fabrigas isn’t our problem. it’ll preferable arsenal go for good and experienced players. i believe nasri will go in if asen wenger do the best thing

  2. olaiwon Hameed Abiodun says:

    He good 4 arsenal to add more ster to d squard.Fab,Nasri to stay.

  3. John Li says:

    In my opinion, I will, without hesitation opt for Nasri to stay. We all have lived with Fabrigas all these years and it had been a joy to watch him assuming the role of a very competent captain who commanded enormous respect from all his teammates. But that was the Fabregas who would give all he had to the team
    so much so that we always had very positive results. However, we didnt see him play with the similar comitment, given all the distractions which contributed to his not up to the mark performances this season. Having said that, Nasri can more that make up for our loss and I agree with professor that he can easily assume the role of a star man in Arsenal. However, Nasri will have to understand that wenger already has a few excellent signings which I am optimistic are of world class and it will soon be a scenario which Fabregas’ departure is totally not felt. Wenger should not be duly worried as Nasri has not even played to his full potential yet. Furthermore, being a star man in the team – would definately bring out the best from this fantastic player next season. So professor, you are the greatest, most competent and qualified coach in the world. Those crticsms directed to your good self have been out of sheer frustrations. But we know for sure that you will put everything in place as you move on. I am very proud of you and I know millions of us are too!!

  4. Edd Halstead says:

    I love both Cesc and Nasri. But I hate it when players hold the club to ransom (give me what I want or I leave). For that reason, even though I would prefe to retain Nasri and let Cesc finally go, it irritates me what Nasri is doing to a club which has continued to develop him into the player he is today. Playing off a club against its greatest rival is nasty. I just wish that players had more loyalty and personal dignity and wouldn’t always make all their decisions based on what THEY want. So if AW have to replace them both, I’d support his decision, so long as he brought 3 or 4 strong new players in. The Arsenal style will always see us through.

  5. TrueWisdom says:

    We can sell Fabregas, then use the money to buy a player of a world class standard who can fill Fabregas’s position and be a more authentic and loyal Arsenal player. Or better yet, Arsenal can do a swop with Barcelona, Fabregas for David Villa, seeing as though they don’t want him anymore. That would be good for Arsenal

  6. shephman says:

    Fabregas should leave and give way for alvarez to come to d squad to support magician samir nasri with gervinho and many goals to come!!!!

  7. yemmy lepa says: or goonidiot,you just want to contribute nonsense blog,real arsenal fans know that fab can never do just close your stupid blog page and write something so much suck

  8. drugJankie says:

    Nasri should have gone to united

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