Date: 24th June 2011 at 9:02am
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Are Barceloca crzay or they are just not respecting us? The Sun reveals that Barcelona made a £27million bid for Fabregas and it was rejected straight away! Offcourse it would be rejected, how can Fabregas be worth on £27million if Torres of all people is worth £50million?

Barcelona are going to have to come up with a bigger offer if they even want us to start considering selling Fabregas to them. The bidding should start at £35million.

What I think Barcelona are trying to do is not spend too much money on Fabregas, they are going to come in with another bid of about £30million and we will reject it and then they will hope that Farbregas comes out and says he wants to leave Arsenal. We will then be forced to sell him for the low fee they have bid for as we can not keep a player who does not want to play for us.


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  1. Carmelo pace says:

    No need to be a sherlock holmes,but i will put my life to the wire,that a sort of conspiracy isa brewing between cesc and barca to force him out of the grove as suggested in the last phrase of the paragraph in the above story,with cesc coming out and requesting a transfer,yet still i will hold on to him on OUR terms,asking for a transfer or not,40 + alcantara,he is bloody good this youngster,if not better than cesc

  2. Gunnahuntyall from 606 says:

    We really do need to get rid of Fabregas and it doesn’t have to be to Barcelona. What do they take us for? 27mill for Fabregas? What are they on?

    We can also invite Real Madrid or Inter Milan just to show both Barcelona and the twit – Fabregas that he is not the most important person in Arsenal.

    If Barcelona really want Fabregas, then they should be able to cough up about 40-45mill or 35mill+a player of our choosing.

  3. damned says:

    Well if Barcelona plan like that.

    I guess we have to sold Fab to other club.

  4. Rvp says:

    They are joking,nt evin modric is worth 27m f**k off barce.

  5. hamzat taiwo says:

    not let fabregas go to barca because fabregas is the one of our senior and mature players

  6. Maverick says:

    I think Barca have loose their respect on us…27 for Cesc,even Cesc is not in love wit us we better keep him on the bench or sold him to another club but not barca and to that amount.I think its time now not to buy any player from barca…

  7. mahmud says:

    what arsenal want? they need a player who is devoted for the club. just let him go

  8. michael amuakwa says:

    Mahmud you are spot on with the fact. We cannot keep a player who is visibly not happy playing for us on our books. My goodness, there are better alternatives to Fabregas. For starters we can try to buy Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern. He is a better player than Fabregas. Wenger should wise up and let the Git go away. The last thing Arsenal needs next season is to have a bunch of unhappy players amongst its ranks. That will kill the remaining team spirit, which could leave the club struggling with the usual relegation threatened clubs scrambling for survival.

  9. tim says:

    I think the author is partly right. However, what I think will happen is that we reject two low offers, Barca withdraw from the talks. Then a few weeks later they will come back with an offer of like 40 million and we’ll sell.

    Personally I’ve reached the point where I don’t care anymore whether Cesc leaves. Yes, he’s a technically brilliant player but he is not the leader and the fighter, the general if you will, we need in the center of the pitch. The Wilshere and Ramsey combo worked brilliantly against Utd and they were far more dynamic and aggresive than is possible with Cesc in the side.

  10. THe_GuN says:

    Why don’t they exchange villa for cesc??they dont want him no more and cesc is having less influence on our will be a good deal!!!

  11. alix says:

    let the fool leave

  12. ewa jerome says:

    very soon they will bring an offer of 40m we will tell them fab, is not 4 sell again 4 any price.

  13. Ben says:

    Fabregas is good but Barca don’t need him we have a good enough squad so why pay out all that money for a player who can make Barca any better? Wait until his contract runs out then let him pick the team of his choice if he goes to a team offering more money per week then we know where his heart lies. 27mil for a benchwarmer.. good price I think!

  14. tsegay tekulu says:

    cesc is very good player are the some mesi 50m we will tell them fab.

  15. TrueWisdom says:

    A swap for David Villa would be highly beneficial. Or sell Fabregas for at least 45 million

  16. the meademan says:

    holding on to nasri is key , more key than fabs , nasri is more mobile, more skillful and has better shots , if we can convince him to stay by improving the team , then we wont have any problems , with bendtner, denilson and fabs gone , we can bring in good players in key areas , striker, midfield and a defender and possibly a keeper if alumia goes to be a number 2 to sezney , if arsenal do not sign players in key areas they can kiss champions league football goodbye along with any hopes of a 14th title

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