Date: 23rd June 2011 at 11:07am
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Cesc Fabregas has dropped yet another hint that he could be headed to Barcelona this summer.

Fabregas is currently on a holiday trip to Indonesia and according to the Mirror he told reporters there that “my greatest idol is Guardiola”.

He insisted, however, that his future at the Emirates is still undecided and that he was honoured at “playing with some of the best footballers in the world.”

He added: “Motivation comes from within me, I love the ball.”

I am not surprised that Guardiola is Fabregas’ greatest idol. When Cesc was coming through the ranks at Barcelona he must have been looking up to Pep when he was still playing for Barca. And now that Pep has turned out to be a great coach, it is only a matter of time until Cesc plays under his idol.


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  1. Rain Dancer says:

    facepalm….look I’m Indonesian … He also said “Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, & Robert Pires are my other idols. it’s very hard to pick an idol” Do you English people has a newspaper that tells the truth? cause I haven’t any of your paper rhymes with “TRUTH” yet

  2. Isah muhammed says:

    Pls i want fabregas to play under Gaurdiola as a coach and experience of football quarity.

  3. skwam says:

    the hint that Cesc is going to Barca is when there is an announcement by Wenger or the Arsenal official website I have now gathered. Seems looking up on any other blogs such as this tells me no more than I know, just good old speculative regurgitation..

  4. rpn_arsenal says:

    Please please Fabregas, please go to barca this year..

  5. ewa jerome says:

    fab is going no where,

  6. Peter,sunday joshua says:

    The earlier d french man wenger sells cesc fabregas and go for an experience midfielder like modric, the better for the club because cecs leaving is certain.

  7. Peter,sunday joshua says:

    For a player whose spirit, body and soul is not in the club any longer, you dont keep such.Wenger should sell cecs to barca,use part of the money in securing modric’s signature, and part in increasing nasri’s demand. Bring these guys(nasri and modric) into the midfield, take jack wilshere to the left flang and see if we will miss cesc.

  8. samgunner says:

    @Rain dance i agree with you i dont really know were english papers scrabs their headlines.fab is going no where unless awenger announce it.

  9. samgunner says:

    @Rain dance i agree with you.

  10. lomwai university of nairobi says:

    fab wont go anywhere,barca are showing no serious interest.but if he goes let replace him with THIAGO,he is a great player i saw him yesterday

  11. mystic says:

    Video yesterday suggested that Indonesia 11pm welcome for Cesc was well received by him. Barca aren’t interested in spending out to buy him and that must hurt. It is high time the english press stopped their headline grabbing anti-arsenal crusade and started to do some quality sports journalism.

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