Date: 21st June 2011 at 8:34am
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If there is one thing Arsenal needs and was clearly lacking last season, it was an out and out, 30 goal a season striker. Arsenal have been linked with a whole host of strikers this summer from Gervinho to Benzema, even to Defoe but one man who would fit the bill perfectly for Arsenal is Samuel Eto’o.

Wherever Eto’o has played, be it Spain or Italy, he has scored goals. As he is 30 years old now, he knows he does not have many years of top flight football left in him and it would be great if he could test his pedigree in the Premier League. With the way Arsenal play and the number of chances he would get if he led our front line, he would easily be a goal scoring success for us.

The thought of Eto’o joining Arsenal from Inter Milan is the stuff Fantasy Football is made of but there is a realistic hope that Eto’o could just join Arsenal this summer. Eto’o recently said, “I now have the idea of proving myself in England. The money is not key for me – I will decide by the sporting project.”

Eto’o is on a very high salary at Inter Milan and getting him to leave that amount of money would not be easy but if he really wants to prove himself then he may have to take a pay cut to come to the Premier League.

What would be interesting of Eto’o were to join Arsenal, how would the relationship be with Alex Song? The two are not the best of friends and have had fall outs in the past when they are part of the Cameroon national team setup.


0 responses to “Eto’o would solve Arsenal’s problems”

  1. damned says:

    Good player.. but high salary & transfer I guess…

  2. ay (LRN Nigeria) says:

    Somebody tell me the number of players to be linked with arsenal b4 Le Prof cools the fans’ tension with one unknown 1.5m worth figure. Arsene kills any true gunner faster than HIV/AIDs!

  3. lawrence says:

    keep on dreaming !!!!!!

  4. nasser says:

    i dont think AW will buy him.his demanding salary..for sure NO NO NO

  5. Docbrody says:

    Unless E’to can also play as a central defender I don’t think he will solve Arsenal’s problems at all. Would love to see him as a gunner though.

  6. oti ukoha says:

    we need series of good players not just eto, good midfeilder and two defenders,not going to price cheep and go away.

  7. Abdul Ibrahim Kitula says:

    Etto will be the real gunner, Wenga do the needful

  8. jumabosco okwakol says:

    what adeal iwould like to see him in arsenal squard next season he is a very good player Sam u are most weicome to the Gooners

  9. suraj chhetri says:

    i love 2 see him in ARSENAL. hope he wil solve problems…..

  10. marcel says:

    etoo ? i must confess yes , i suppose that is a wise decision ,samuel etoo has always been a good player and i am definatly sure he will be the best sighing for arsenal this year .

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