Date: 16th June 2011 at 8:50am
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It is reported that Arsene Wenger is going to hold showdown talks with contract rebel, Nasri and try and persuade him to stay at Arsenal and sign a new contract. Manchester United are interested in signing Nasri but Wenger has made it clear that he will not sell him to United.

We saw the power of persuasion that a manager can have on a player when Alex Ferguson managed to convince Wayne Rooney to stay at Manchester United when the striker wanted to leave. I believe Wenger is also capable of talking players into staying just like he did with Cesc Fabregas last season, but should Wenger be doing the same to Nasri?

What I am concerned about is that Nasri may decide to stay at Arsenal for another season but he will not sign a new contract. That means if he decides to leave Arsenal next summer he will leave for free and we will miss out on potentially £20million if we sell him now.

Wenger must be firm on this one, if Nasri refuses to sign a new contract then we must sell him now!


0 responses to “Sign now or we will sell you!”

  1. Jay says:

    We need Mats Hummels!!!!!

  2. TrueWisdom says:

    That would suck if we lost him for free, rather sell him now

  3. Great says:

    Whatever happens i still think ramsey has more talent & loyalty, pliz mould him

  4. Yunus says:

    Wenger shud try n persuade hm nt 2 leave,bt if he stil decide 2 go.Arsenal shud grant hm s wish bt dey shud nt sell hm 2 any club in England.Nobody s superior let hm go.

  5. damned says:

    I agree.. AW must firm with him.

  6. Nasri go away! says:

    I think Nasri is stupid. Well i respect that player and hes one of my favorit in the team, but where is that guys loyalty to the club, to the team, to the fans. He acts like a little girl and plus like a traitor. So let him walk away, let him regret this thing for the rest of his life.

  7. shemzy says:

    let the traitor leave emirate he doesnt understand. He is even a fool wenger pls sell the traitor. We can win trophy without him. Go away! Go away!! Go away!!! Nasri. Since u refuse to sign another contract extension.

  8. Jacob nusky says:

    Nasir is a very nice player i think wenger should pls keep him n pursded him to sign a new contract. Up gunners.

  9. fuad says:

    we need Gary Cahill, Samba, and Defoe, and of course a good goal keeper

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