Date: 15th June 2011 at 2:07pm
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Cesc Fabregas has spoken out today (Wednesday) about his Arsenal future and although he says he is very happy at Arsenal, a lot can be read between the lines following his comments today in Madrid where he was speaking at a promotional event.

I have taken an extract of what Fabregas said today and at the end of each Fabregas stated, I have written in bold what I think.

Fabregas said: “A player who is not frustrated at not winning titles is either lying to himself or lacks ambition.”
That is so true and I agree with Cesc.

“There is a good team and a good manager and one of the most faithful fan bases in Europe. With those I believe we can make progress and one day win an important trophy.
Thank you for acknowledging the fans, we are very loyal and we deserve to win something. I would also like to mention the strong faithful Arsenal fan base in Africa too. Whether we have a good team, that is reason for debate as clearly we need to make some more signings for us to be a better team so that we can win the important trophy you are talking about. And I hope you do not mean the Carling Cup!

“I am an Arsenal player. I have been very happy for eight years and I am very happy. I am not thinking about football right now, just about my holidays.
Whether Cesc is really happy remains to be seen. It is very easy for him to say he is happy. He would be silly to come out and say he is not happy. Every football player linked with a transfer in the summer uses this same line, “I am just focused on my holiday now”.

“There have been no decisions. The truth is that it doesn’t always depend on the player and at the moment I don’t know anything.
Now it starts to get interesting! ‘There have been no decisions’ meaning that he has neither committed to stay at Arsenal nor told us he is leaving. So for us to say he is staying at Arsenal based on this is a bit premature.

“He (Wenger) is the boss, the one who makes the decisions. You should ask him. I was injured at the end of the season and I haven’t seen him for about six weeks.
Now Cesc has thrown the ball into Wenger’s court. He has told us to wait to hear from Wenger if he (Cesc) is staying or not. I am surprised that the captain of the team would not see the manager for 6 weeks. I raise a few questions marks here about this!

“I am very happy where I am. Anything else would be speculation that is untrue. You can never say never in this life as so many things happen that you can never predict.”
It is fitting that this is the final statement, “You can never say never”. Clearly Cesc has still opened the door for a potential move away from Arsenal this summer!


0 responses to “Why Fabregas refuses to commit future to Arsenal”

  1. Rose Jonas says:

    Let him go!

  2. Usman says:

    Pls AW,let this boy go but fo at least £50mil .keep Nasri,move him to the middle and buy Honda and at least 3 players for other positions.the team will peform better without CF.he is a fantastic player but who needs a captain whose heart is elsewhere?

  3. mystic says:

    Hold him to his contract, unless the money (UP FRONT) is too good to be refused. In reality at the moment Barca don’t look too eager to get Cesc, so maybe he is realising that he might need to see out his contract.

  4. TrueWisdom says:

    Sell Fabregas, get other pleayers with the money who will benefit the team more

  5. said wakiseh says:

    kuja man u

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