Date: 15th June 2011 at 5:22pm
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Many Arsenal fans are calling for Arsene Wenger to sign new defenders and strikers this summer. There has been very little focus on our central midfield as we seem to be adequately covered there with the likes of Fabregas, Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby and Song.
Diaby and Song are our main defensive midfielders and they do a decent job at it especially Song who is the better of the two. But is it only me, or would Arsenal not benefit from getting another top-rate defensive midfielder?

One name the springs to my mind is Lassana Diarra. Lass as he is more commonly known had a spell at Arsenal in 2007 when he joined us from Chelsea. At that time Flamini was the first choice defensive midfielder and Lass go very little game time. He did not stay long at Arsenal and subsequently left in January 2008 for Portsmouth after featuring only 13 times for Arsenal.

It was at Portsmouth where Lass really made a name for himself s he later moved onto his current club now, Real Madrid. Lass did not feature much at Madrid this past season under Mourinho initially but towards the later part of the season he became a key figure in Mourinho’s line-up. Lass has no idea if he will feature in Mourinho’s plans next season and it is understood that if Real Madrid get an offer of £17.5million they will sell Lass. Manchester United and Tottenham are already keeping an eye on Lass.

Now, if I were Wenger I would seriously consider bringing Lass in. He knows the Premiership well and will not take time to adjust. He knows Arsenal well as he has been here before. He is a much better player now compared to the Lass we had in 2007. He would provide the experience we need in central midfield to carry the likes of Wilshere and Ramsey through.

What do you think of Lass returning to Arsenal?


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  1. Wiz101 says:

    No we don’t need him, parker is better than him and more experience, aggressive and winning spirit than Lass

  2. olusola says:

    i wiil’like him two come back.

  3. keny says:

    its a great idea for lass to come back to arsenal he is a strong defensive midfielder he can be a good asset for the gunner

  4. yinka says:

    You are very stupid for writing this type of blog,when you witnessed what lionel messi did to him in the champions league first leg at santiago…he’s a strong dunce

  5. Max says:

    I think he’s a good player. Would be a good addition, but I’m sure Mr Wenger has other younger less know players of his mold in mind that would cost half of 17m. It’s alot of money for a defensive midfielder.

  6. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    Overpriced,overhyped over there and should stay!

  7. MUTIU JIMOH says:

    yes u stupid 4 writing this type of blog ,is he better than song or jack,arsene should get us world class dm that is better than those we have in this department

  8. Zeki says:

    Yinka u muppet, messi does that to everyone, not just diarra. It doesn’t mean messi’s opposition is shit, it just shows how much class he has – machine everyone look avergae

  9. Philbet says:

    Have you ever wondered why he has not stopped longer than 12 months any where??
    Chelsea,Arsenal,Not good enough ?? Portsmouth, Too good (hardly surprizing as they were relegated) Real Madrid, no longer required = Not good enough…..
    Diarra = Trouble ….He simply is not as good as he thinks he is…

  10. haykay says:

    please AW shold not sign him i beg, song is even better than him so what are you now saying, n parker should stay aside,we don’t need him too, if wenger bring 2 defenders in this summer we don’t need dm again djorou n verm can cover for song. wenger should spend on defenders, strikers n attacking midfielder, those are the areas we need new experience players.

  11. james says:

    how many many times did you say lass? and no hes rubbish hence not playin for madrid. we have song why would you waste 17.5m ? complete rubbish pal!

  12. Fortune says:

    Diara is a good player if only wenger can pay we him 2 help song

  13. richard dino says:

    no, we don’t need him, there are others player better than five times.

  14. Afen says:

    We do not need him we need xperiencd DM Melo,DeJong,Parker,Palacios,Alonso,AlouDiarra.Wenger get any of them Silverwares is OURS

  15. tehrlich5 says:

    17.5 is way 2 much for a dm thats not in ur starting 11, get REAL madrid, if we can get him 4 around 12 then we should do it.

  16. TrueWisdom says:

    Not worth it for 17.5 million, would be a waste of bench

  17. She2 says:

    Diara ko diarra ni

  18. aidan says:


  19. muhamad says:

    plz dn’t buy him buy another player which is better than him. Olready we have a diara like player(frimpong) which is more energetic than him dnt waste money mr wenger

  20. ned owajima says:

    lass is no good…parker is me choice

  21. K mon says:

    Wenger is very stingy if other hav choice to buy lass the stingy man wil not paid amount’ just look at the player their mention in dis season.not sign any of them. he begin to sign 19 and 17 yrs stupid man’notin arsenal can collect next season,folken man-wil get the money to spend we are the one of top 4 richest club in world…why y y y y i wil not support again, is shame

  22. sulaimon says:

    song better than all of them

  23. Harry Quist says:

    Wenger should do what is most expected of him this transfer period

  24. DE(B)LO says:

    I must tel u dat i whole heartedly suport d signing of diarra, infact aw av wasted too much tym. He shld just go al out 2 bring diarra. But wait, i was nt talk about lassana di?arra instead, i was referin to Alou Diarra.

  25. Docbrody says:

    Not a bad idea. For those who say that he is not as good as Wilshire or Song, that’s up for debate, but its also beside the point… we need depth so we can rotate our players. We can’t expect Jack to play another 50+ games.

  26. Theo says:

    I preffer him to diaby

  27. Babafemi says:

    I don’t think arsenal need someone like lass cos there are so many players who are better than him. Remember he’s impatient

  28. He is not bad but d price is much, if d price can reduce to like 10 i support it

  29. bayo says:

    up gunner i wise u success and i want 2 advice arsenal wenger to buy big player bcox of next season.

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