Date: 15th June 2011 at 8:14am
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The transfer season is in full swing now and it is time for Arsenal to start making moves and be noticed. One such deal that would be great for Arsenal is the signing of Aston Villa winger, Stewart Downing. Downing has been linked with a whole host of clubs this summer, mainly Liverpool and Spurs. But Arsenal seems the more likely destination for the England winger as we can offer him Champions League football.

Downing is at a cross roads in his career (so he says) and he needs to make a decision. He can not stay at Aston Villa much longer as it is a team going no where. They do not even have a manager right now. And since they are selling Ashley Young, their squad is not going to be able to challenge for top honours next season.

With Nasri and Fabregas’ futures not certain at Arsenal, Wenger has to start planning for potential replacements and Downing could be one of them. Villa would be asking for about £17million for Downing. Do you think that is worth it for him and is he the kind of player Arsenal needs to be signing now?


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  1. afc chazza says:

    seriously stuart downing for 17 million? what is wrong with you for a start he aint arsenal quality, but we would pay one of the largest sums we’ve ever paid for him…… would be a disaster signing

  2. CHARLES GANDY says:


  3. 9jagun says:

    great signing but expensive @ 17 million why not willan instead @ 12 million

  4. Alun says:

    17 Million he isn’t worth 17 quid

  5. Chikodinho says:

    It will be a very good deal if we sign him..but hes not 17million kind of player 9 to 12 million is enough

  6. Andy isiwele says:

    Downin is a very good player,but 17 million is too much, 9 – 11 will be okay for his type

  7. damned says:

    not a good deal if 17 m…. too expensive…

  8. Will says:

    Not a great player. Any of Gervinho, Willian or even Chamberlain at 12million would be a better signing than him at 17 million.

  9. Sulieman says:

    It is a great signing of Downing, we needs it

  10. Sulieman says:

    If not we are going to leave Arsenal as fans, and i am a player please sign me.

  11. Brown inima says:

    His a good signing but too expensive for dat price. I preferd chamberline, gortz

  12. Philbet says:

    Ashley Young cost £15Million, yet you report that we will pay £17Mill for Downing,Get a life will yer.
    You may be stupid but some of us are not !!!!!

  13. fataimomeh says:

    baba ijebu mr wenger pls sign expirence players

  14. Ebonnyblak says:

    Pls let wenger get falcao down to the club..that’s the kind of play arsenal needs,not Downing.

  15. olayiwola says:

    Every players seeking for transfer are potential Arsenal target. Are we far off as a team? Many Arsenal supporters want big transfer but Wenger want quality. England players are expensive, what we lack is steel not qualities. Buy us players who can add steel and experience.

  16. Ookeditse Dipholo says:

    Falcao is the better player, Downing could be second choice if we dont get Falcao

  17. Josephseun says:

    Pls buy players

  18. Wiz101 says:

    Downing is good but Falcao wil be better and it wil boast the squard that wenger has mean the business to bring in experience and arsenal wil be playing attacking football

  19. Ookeditse says:

    Let Fabregas go if he now tunrns his back on us. WE will find another cesc 1 day

  20. Too many rumours at the moment and not enough action. We should be linked with Messi and Ronaldo as well to make things more interesting.
    Until we sign experienced players, everything is just speculation.

  21. Mwendwa says:

    i would loe if Arsenal could finalize urgently with Central defender Samba so that we can move to to other areas. Willian would also be a fantastic replacement for cesc. Any action Prof??/

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