Date: 10th June 2011 at 1:55pm
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The latest news on Cesc Fabregas’ future is that the Arsenal captain could easily be a Barcelona player come Monday evening. Reports coming out of Spain today (Friday) from the Marca suggest that a preliminary agreement is already in place between Fabregas and Arsene Wenger, which allows Cesc to leave this summer after having remained with the club last season.

Why do I think there was a secret arrangement between Cesc and Wenger at the start of last season which stated that “I we do not win anything this season then I am off”?

The report goes on to suggest that Barcelona are going to offer Arsenal €30million for Fabregas but that is much lower than the €45million that Arsenal wants. Barcelona may offer €30million plus Bojan and Thiago Alcantara as part of the deal which in my opinion would not be a bad move as we will have two good players coming in.

What should Arsenal do about Fabregas?

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0 responses to “Fabregas could be a Barcelona player by Monday”

  1. kharadonha says:

    those 2 playaz from Barca will return to Barca once their contract are up with us once we signed them. so, again they are sending players to gain experience then leave as long as they understand the style of play Arsenal and Barca play. I don’t know whether we going to sign them or what. Let focus on our youngsters and make sure they become best players in the world that is what I want for this team to have players who want to win World Footballer of the Year but we don’t seem to have one. I challenge all of them now and they should step up to the plate and be counted.

    Sorry Barca but you can have Cesc

  2. Femy akindele says:

    Aw should allow fab to go

  3. yusuf adeyemi says:

    arsen wenger please let fabrigas go nd get us bojan and alcantara

  4. Victor Adeoye Bashy says:

    Let’s allow him 2 go nd luk 4 English milfider…

  5. Garang Akuei Deng says:

    selling Fabregas to Barca with 30m plus Bojan & Thiango is not bad b’se if you can see this two players they are all good and they are young talented players which will build the Arsenal squad for the nert two to three years to come believe me or not you will see. I’m not an Arsenal fan but the must be said.seeeeeeeeee.

  6. ebrahim says:

    fabre is best player and also our captain but now his heart is nt with us so it is better if he is selled by 30mil.pound plus the two players.fabre bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Francisco says:

    I think dat deal is very lucrative,mr wenger pls let fabre leave so anoda talent can be discover

  8. ebrahim says:

    nasri can leave but it is very shame if he sign for man united.wenger can substitute nasri but another fabre will nt born hereafter in we can forget number four?.too difficult.pls boss/wenger……………….

  9. ebrahim says:

    arsenal or football academy of barca dnt have creative midfielder wenger should have to change the market of selling to the market of the way saving is not only for money,it includes all what u why boss dont save our stars? .

  10. siifan says:

    fabre next yr u wiil face ur club/arse at championsleague final

  11. emeh Sunday etuk says:

    Fabregas is not a God to be worship,besides he mind is no more in arsenal.nduk fabric.for me I really want wenger+fabregas to leave ARSENAL.wenger chip players coach.

  12. Olumide says:

    Fabregas shld b one of our xperience player,let him stay

  13. Jayeoba says:

    Pls let fabregas go and collect borga becous fabregas has not play well we in team or traning

  14. TrueWisdom says:

    Wenger should sell him to Barcelona for €30million + Bojan and Thiago

  15. fecobren says:

    we really need barca.Let barca try and negotiate 40m with sure the will agree.

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