Date: 9th June 2011 at 9:29am
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We all know how easily Van Persie gets injured and we pray every season that he picks up as fewer injuries as possible. But Van Persie’s season could have already been dented yesterday (Wednesday) as he was lucky not to escape with a broken leg after being tackled by Uruguay defender Diego Lugano when Holland played Uruguay.

Luckily Van Persie did not get seriously injured! What are they still doing playing games anyway at this time of the year?


0 responses to “[Video] Van Persie could have broken leg”

  1. Jibril muazu says:

    Wow this diago wanna put our striker in a great injury.

  2. Daniel Marino says:

    I do not understand why he has to be in this game. It is not any thing. If it is friendly, he should be sitting on the bench allowing others to play. He already being playing the whole year. I do not get it. Can Arsenal not bar him from any non essential friendly international game.

  3. Nura kurfi says:

    We tanx God s not a serious injurie

  4. gjgfv2 says:

    ey stuppid lugano cmon boys lets go mob him

  5. hudu says:

    thank to every gun fans

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