Date: 3rd June 2011 at 8:37am
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If Real Madrid want to sign Cesc Fabregas, they are going to have to fork out £54million for our captain. It is reported that Real Madrid want to sign Fabregas so that they can compete with Barcelona next season.

Fabregas wants to go to Barcelona but it is very unlikely that Barcelona would be willing to spend such a large amount of money on the Spanish international whereas Real Madrid have the financial resources to do so.

A Real Madrid source said (courtesy of The Sun): “The president Florentino Perez has identified Fabregas as the one signing above all others to hurt Barcelona.

“He believes signing Fabregas would be a real statement of intent for next season. He will do whatever is needed to put the club back above Barca.”

If Real Madrid to offer £54million then Arsenal will accept this offer without thinking twice as that is a lot of money. But I feel the main stumbling block with regards to Cesc going to Madrid is if the player himself would want to play for Real as they are such huge rivals to his beloved Barcelona.


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  1. Daniel Edu says:

    Wenga dos not knw who to sign and who to sell he is just interested goin to transfer market bidding player and abandonin them

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