Date: 2nd June 2011 at 9:44am
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There is no love lost between Alex Song and Samuel Eto’o. The two are reported to have clashed again at the Lions Camp as Cameroon prepare to take on Senegal this weekend. The two players had a fallout at the World Cup which resulted in Cameroon’s poor display at the tournament.

According to reports on, Song shook hands with everyone at the national teams camp except Eto’o’s and at dinner time, Song sat in a seat which was meant to be for Eto’o as he is the captain.

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0 responses to “Alex Song and Eto’o clash in Lions Camp”

  1. Rashel says:

    Silly little boys that think they are better. Song can never be as great as eto! No respect from these song, diaby bentner cuz they were wengers prodigy, he made them believe they are world class!!

    As an Arsenal fan I’m ashamed to read this!

  2. jon says:

    @Rahsel, then be ashamed forever.

  3. bonface says:

    song respect is never bought and uwill never be like samuel etoo n what iknow about etoo he is one of the most discplined player in the world

  4. Donnyfan1 says:

    Is Eto’o related to the ref Dowd— because Dowd picks on Song as well!!

  5. emana says:

    Don´t bully a child guys.He will learn with time.Elders should always have a good manner to call a child to order.Eto´o , he is your kid brother and you don´t need to wrestle with him in public but call him to order maturely.You players should remember that, it is dangerous to steep on your fans toes.We know you guys are good so prof it to us again.God bless you all.

  6. Jamakhalif says:

    From an arsenal point of view i cant take etoo’s side since song is our if shit goes down we take the shit to etoo!!

  7. emana says:

    Don´t spare the rod and spoil the child.Song being our boy does not mean we should make him grow wild.He needs to have a good moral up bringing to become the star we are looking up to.

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