Date: 1st June 2011 at 11:30am
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Those were the words echoed by Arsene Wenger. Wenger was responding to questions surrounding the future of the Arsenal captain and whether he will be going to Barcelona this summer. According to Wenger, Barcelona have not contacted Arsenal yet with regards to signing Cesc.

Barcelona approached Arsenal last summer with bid that was turned down by Arsenal and they have not come back with a new bid this summer but I am sure they will as they really want Cesc. If Wenger has it his way, he would not want to sell Fabregas as he calls him the best midfielder in the world.

Wenger said, “This year there hasn’t been an interest. My No.1 wish is to keep Fabregas – for me he is the best midfielder in the world and we naturally built the team around him.”

Calling Fabregas the best midfielder in the world is a big statement especially after seeing Xavi and Iniesta destroy Manchester United in the Champions League final. Do you think Fabregas is the best midfielder in the world?


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  1. po says:

    Fabregas is far from the best, maybe if he join Barca he will be!!

  2. caffeinenut23 says:

    He’s the best in EPL, no doubt, but Barcelona have the 3 best in the world. If he finally gets to go play with Barca, he might become the best in the world.

  3. Mickey says:

    With no doubts..Cesc Fabregas is the best midfielder on Earth. His constant show of elegance, skill, class is just enough to show what a diamond gunners have. Xavi and iniesta hd their time to say their talent, but cesc’ talent spoke for him at a vry early age.

  4. FAB says:

    He is the best because Xavi and Iniesta play with world class player like Villa and Messi. So if Xavi gives 10 open chances to Villa to score a goal, he’ll put 8 away, whereas Cesc would do the same, but this time its the opposite, cos Bendtner will socre 2 and miss 8. So Fab gets less assists cos of others around him who can’t finish.

  5. Fabregas is indeed the best.If he was not barca couldn’t have kept chasing to sign him.
    Come on Wenger,get us atleast three quality prayers and one of three should be the CB .keep Cesc,come 2011-2012 season we will be EPL champions.

  6. ramli says:

    Anyone remember CESC kiss our badge once he score a solo goal against tot 2009/10 season?If really CESC stay with us hope to see him do that again when he score a very first goal this season..

  7. Agbxl says:

    Why he would be the most wanted player by the best trainer of the world for the best team in the world ? Of course he is the best midelfielder in the world !

  8. Olamie says:

    I wish fabregas to stay at arsenal even is most midfielder of d world

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