Date: 29th May 2011 at 8:11am
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Following Barcelona’s win in the Champions League final yesterday (Saturday) over Manchester United, the speculation making the morning papers today is that Barcelona are going to be lining up a bid for Fabregas in the next couple of days thought to be in the region of £30million. It is said that Barcelona are angry with Arsenal after we signed two of their young stars.

I think this ‘anger’ of signing Hector Bellerin and Jon Toral is just a smoke screen and Barcelona just want to sign Fabregas as they have been wanting to do for years.

Looking at the Barcelona team last night, I wonder where Fabregas will play if he does join them as their midfield can not get any better. Would Fabregas be willing to leave the captains arm-band at Arsenal and be on the bench for Barcelona?

Should Arsenal sell Fabregas for £30m?

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0 responses to “Fabregas to Barcelona for £30million?”

  1. RTY says:

    Hummels, de rossi, rodwell, jones,

  2. hema says:

    fab is going to play no wher in barca 1st team.

  3. Zoe says:

    Yes please!

  4. Wenger says:

    bak(jones) djourou hummel(kos,rodwell) vermaelen(gibbs)
    de rossi wilshere(song, rodwell, jones)
    theo(arshavin) vp(?) nasri(ryo miaychi)

  5. sammieg says:

    wenger shud sell him to real madrid for £50milli

  6. Omobello kabir says:

    Let the guy and fine good replacement with stronge mental ability cos strongness is also affecting us.

  7. steve says:


  8. Omobello kabir says:

    And i wish him well where ever he go and thanks for ur contribution when be with us

  9. Arsenal4Life says:

    No way 30 millio! At least 45! Let Cesc leave, he will regret and want to come back, but then it will be to late!

  10. madanjit says:

    it my beleive that febregas won’t leave arsenal

  11. Matt says:

    Fab will and should leave. He belongs to that Barca family. He has a place in there. A team is not 11 players. Macherano has found meaningful contribution even if he looked like excess when he came in. Besides teams must change over time. Barca needs new blood and hunger since they are at their peak. We also need to change new blood. We have a team of victims at the moment. That mentality has nothing to do with being technically good. Wenger cannot raise this team’s belief anymore. He needs new blood, a strong captain and Fab must go and pave way for other stars to takes his place.

  12. Adeyeye Abbey says:

    Hellow my fellow gunners,I dont think Fabrigas desting is redy to win trophy as captain.if w ar going to consider him to stay with us,let s reatrievn d captainsy frm him,so that he w not be thinkin dat,that s d advantage we ar usin over him.but we shuld not sell our Fablus less than 50m,if is ready to chainge and appologyx to stay wt us w may pardon him as prodeaga son

  13. adamslamidi says:

    up Gunners al arsenal fans wenger pls let fabregas going to barcelona and buy xperience mildfieder

  14. Father fab says:

    Let him go, let him just leave and make him stop feeling that he is the only one. Thanks to him for making us loose to barca

  15. Itopa says:

    D “Quesion” is useless, shud b AW dat suppose leave, im nt ingrate 2 wht fab has done 4 Arsenal. He’s contributn is fabulous & we stl need him.

  16. Dekamznoble says:

    Let him go he will soon regret by d time dey start benching him.up gooners.

  17. eve says:

    we need cesc to stay with us, he can lead us to trophies, he wont be a leader at barca, but i suppose even if he sits on their bench and gets the odd game, he will be where he wants to be and will be winning trophies for deffinate. that said he would never be their captain, he wont lift the trophies barca win, he will not be as important for them as he is for us, he wont play every game as he does for us(not counting any injuries) we rely on cesc barca wont, we love cesc, barca dont.

  18. Ridwan says:

    Well it’s obvious dat e has no interest of plain 4 arsenal again arsenal should let him go 30m is anuf

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