Date: 28th May 2011 at 1:11pm
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I was reading the morning papers today (Saturday) and came across an interesting story about Pep Guardiola possibly quitting as Barcelona boss after the Champions League final tonight against Manchester United. These are the thoughts of Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff who said, “I would not be surprised if Pep left regardless of the result in the final against Manchester United.”

“He would go only because it’s very difficult to withstand pressures in the long-term.

“I think he would stay out of work for a year.”

Now if this is the case, what better a man to take over from Arsene Wenger if Arsenal did indeed thinking of a management change. I have been pondering my head thinking of who could take over from Arsene if he were to leave and I could not think of anyone good enough until the possibility of Guardiola came along.

Pep has won virtually everything he can at Barcelona and a change and new challenge would be good for him and what better a place than Arsenal as the style of play he uses at Barcelona is not too different from ours at Arsenal.

Yesterday, Guardiola did not rule out the possibility of him leaving Barcelona as he said, “This is not the day to talk about that.

“We have worked an enormous amount of time to get here and it is a privilege to be here, so let’s not talk about anything else. Leaving? Let’s leave that for another time.

“The important thing is the club, no matter who the coach might be.”

What do you think of Guardiola as a potential Arsenal manager?


0 responses to “Pep Guardiola to be new Arsenal manager?”

  1. xxAssassinsxx says:

    What a rubbish article.This is just your opinion!!!

  2. Pacome hountangni says:

    he is goog enough to manage arsenal

  3. para says:

    Actually, i was wondering when we would hear that pep is ready to leave barca for new challenges.
    It cannot be very satisfying to stay there if he needs to prove himself anew.
    I would like him at Arsenal too.

  4. Mike says:

    He would fit at Arsenal like a glove, perfect. I wonder if Arsenal would pay hie wage demands.

  5. Gavin says:

    Everyone can see how hard Barca work on the pitch and I would love to get that at Arsenal. He is used to winning things and I dont think he would accept players walking around the pitch for the last 3 mths of every season because the pressure is too much.

    The only doubt about Guardiola is his transfer history, we dont have much money to spend and he has done some very poor deals recently. But overall he is my ideal next Arsenal manager but I have a sneaky feeling he is heading to Chelsea.

  6. Josh says:

    Considering the amount of dirty play that Barca take part in, I would not want Pep to turn Arsenal into this. Also, Wenger is a fantastic manager. Managed the only premier league team to go a whole season unbeaten. 2 double seasons.

  7. Kenyan walcott says:

    Wenger is a coach others a managers but pep garddy is a ultimate coach let him welcome to the emirate.

  8. UncleBob says:

    Pep won’t come to Arsenal until the purse strings are greatly loosened.

    PS:love the blog but the font/color of the text is difficult to read. 🙂

  9. Nii says:

    i will like to see him next 2 season at arsenal mark this some were u will see him at arsenal next 2 seasons

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