Date: 27th May 2011 at 1:40pm
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Before some fans start to bite my head off with regards to the title of this post, please note that this is only my personal opinion and how I feel about matters at Arsenal and I would just like to get your opinions on this issue rather than just bottling up as some people are too afraid to even mention or entertain the thought of Arsenal without Arsene Wenger.

Arsène Charles Ernest Wenger joined Arsenal in 1996 after taking over from Bruce Rioch. Not many of us knew about Wenger then but he came in with his own style of play and players and soon we were the talk of England with all the French players he signed. Some were not great but then there were some amazing signings he made. Let us not take anything away from Wenger and all the titles and trophies he has bought to Arsenal since 1996 but we have now gone 6 years without a major trophy since winning the FA Cup in 2005.

Wenger has stuck to his guns by trying to build a championship winning side made up of young players and he has been reluctant to dig into the transfer market and buy some big name players. A combination of youth and experience is what bought as success in the past and now the strategy of just using youth is not working right now. Maybe it will work in the future when these young players are older but for now we need some experience and a change it tactics.

The sexy passing football Arsenal are playing under Wenger is very nice on the eye but it is not getting us results. Why Wenger insists that our players should not shoot for goal outside the box is a mystery to me. We can not expect to tap the ball in from the box all the time. I will not even start to talk about our defence. Without Vermaelen out injured for most of the season we look terrible in defence and the lack of a quality goalkeeper was our downfall.

I feel Wenger has taken this current side as far as it can go and he must give someone else a chance to bring glory back to Arsenal. If Wenger is willing to spend some cash this summer then maybe we can give him another season or two but if he still wants to stick with the kids then he should go!


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  1. adeniyi tunde says:

    we the gonners fans have tired about arsene.

  2. isaaciru says:

    facts are facts i do agree with u,he has been hiding under the youth policy,let him hand over the the drivers seat to another person 6 years for a top team not acceptable

  3. prosper says:

    wenger charles should be sacked if we are to win any tittle.and also buy experience players like radamel falcao etc….

  4. Usman says:

    Nothing new in your story! Wenger has admitted his shortcomings and has already hinted that he will be active this summer .lets wait and see what he has for us.good news if its true that he is after Falcao.I have never seen this guy playing but from the stats he is the bullet we are looking for.I still feel Gervinho should be the man to lead our attack next season!

  5. adetimehin pelumi says:

    that is how wenger use to say,he ll b active he ll b active,he ll sell 5 players and buy two, one of dem ll b kid.dis man is just playin wit our emotional feelins.wat he ll do is inside him.

  6. Gooner says:

    Who do you feel should replace Arsene if he does go?

  7. tony ikhi says:

    i understand how we all feel but sacking wenger is not the solution how are we sure the newman will give us trophy immediately lets just give him another chance and see what he does and the board should also back him up with reasonable fund to spend

  8. jipa says:

    yea wenger should indeed leave, we can try somebody else.Lets try malawi coach kinna phiri, he can deliver.

  9. aidan says:

    everyone is entitled to their opinions indeed. but i cant help to feel bothered by the underlying bitterness in a lot of gunner fans, so many blogs, so much whining and crying, i would hate to have a pint with many of you, i wouldn’t be able to enjoy speaking about football and arsenal, either winning or losing or drawing a game. some gooners seem toxic.

  10. Tigson says:

    Wenger should live bcos he has been given fans alot presure if he cont get into transfermrkt let him vanish.

  11. Robert says:

    I think is high time he left arsenal for real, because he has really caused a lot of fans heart break.plz let him go i beg.

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