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Who do you blame for the Birmingham winner: Koscielny or Szczesny?


Now that the storm is starting to settle slowly after the loss on Sunday to Birmingham in the Carling Cup Final, maybe we can look back at the game a bit more objectively instead of raging with emotions following the stupid error that lead to Birmingham winning the game. I know a lot of fans are still bitter about Sunday but we just have to pick ourselves up and move on.

The error that lead to Martins scoring the winner was unacceptable. You can not even call it a school boy error, it was worse than that. This just goes to show that we need to sign a quality goal keeper and some decent center backs come the summer as Koscielny and Szczesny let us down big time.

Having looked back at the footage of that goal, who do you blame for it? Koscielny or Szczesny? Goalkeepers are told to command their area both physically and vocally from the time they are being trained to play the game. And defenders will routinely leave a ball alone if they get the “call” from the keeper. This is where it went all wrong for us on Sunday.

Koscielny, who was set to clear the ball, got a call from Szczesny to leave it, and the keeper’s body position shows that he expected the ball to come through to him. But the keeper gave the call way too late, put doubt into Koscielny’s head and was ultimately caught in two minds himself, hence his fumble with the ball.

Who do you blame for the Birmingham winner: Koscielny or Szczesny?

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  • Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Get a life…..everyone was has been lauding Chzesney & Koscielny for weeks (not to mention Djourou who has been decidedly dodgey for the last few matches – so scared of not being able to control Zigich he ran away) Now you are trying to start some kind of witch hunt amongst Arsenal fans? How about trying to be a fan instead of a critic.

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