Date: 8th January 2011 at 8:09pm
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Arsenal 1-1 Leeds       Fabregas (p) 90 – Snodgrass (p) 54

Thank God for Cesc. Thank God for Theo. These two players saved us from a complete embarrassment at the Emirates today. We never really got started until after 80 minutes. We started off bad, then turnt alright a bit before half time. Arshavin had a great chance to put us 1-0 up, but hit it straight at the goalie. Chamakh then set up Arshavin for a volley out of nothing, but the goalie done his job again. Thats all that really happened in the first half.

In the start of the second half we looked quite good. It seems like Wengers half time team talk had worked, but as we were attacking ,Leeds had one half counter attack and got a penalty. Snodgrass slotted it away, but Schezney almost got there. We then started to attack more, opening up the game more for Leeds. Schezeny made a great save from a Leeds corner and kept us in the game.

Fabregas was brought on and totally changed the game. Theo was then subbed on, and looked like he would score. Theo had a great chance, yet again saved by the goalie before we got a penalty. Bendtner also had three headers go miles over, which he should have at least hit the target. It looked obvious from where i was sitting, but looking at the replays, we was VERY lucky. It was a pull on Theo, but a very weak pull, and he certainly made a deal of it. I think the ref gave it because we had another 2 penalty appeals before this one. Cesc stepped up and slotted it away. It was maybe the tensest penalty i’ve ever witnessed. After the penalty we had many chances to score another one. Bendtner had yet another good chance, this time on the volley, but he totally spooned it wide. Theo then had a good chance but hit the side netting. To be fair, even though we should have won it at the end, it would have been unfair to Leeds, who defended greatly, and attacked better than Man City!

Arshavin had a very poor game giving pass after pass away. Rosicky was also bad and  for some reason was captain. He doesn’t exactly lead by performance, and he isn’t the loudest player on the pitch. I think his time is maybe up at Arsenal, game after game he does nothing. Many people will disagree, but he has done nothing for us. He doesn’t even shoot anymore, which was one of his strongest points when we signed him. Bendtner also had another terrible game, missing chance after chance. I think it is time we sell him. At the best, he could be as good as Chamakh, but better with his feet. He keeps missing chances, which most strikers would bury. He’s lazy and thinks way too much of himself. Chance after chance he has had to prove himself, but he constantly misses good chances that can cost us the win. He could improve with a run of games, but them games we would have to rely on someone else scoring. On the other hand, Djourou was absolutely brilliant today, and looked 100% solid at the back today. Much praise to him. He should definitely be our starting centre back. Denilson was okay, and Eboue and Gibbs were average.

Match Ratings:

Schezney 7.5- Top quality save to stop us going 2-0 down, which maybe Fabianski wouldnt have saved. Also a fairly good block in the first half and nearly got to the penalty.

Eboue 6.5- Average. Done a few good passes and runs, but also mucked up a few times.

Gibbs 6- Same as Eboue, but less good things

Djourou 8.5-  MOTM BY FAR Sweeped virtually everything up at the back, beat Leeds in the air, and his tackling was immense

Squillaci 6- Not really called upon, and Djourou virtually done his work shift as well.

Denilson 6.5- A few good passes, but sloppy to give away the penalty. Fairly good passing, but never really looked dangerous.

Song 6.5- A poor game considering his recent performances, but still carried the team. I think he tried to do too much, but was wrongly subbed off.

Rosicky 4.5- Never looked good. Constant below average performance from the captain throughout the game.

Arshavin 5- Some REALLY bad things today. However he did look dangerous as times, and had a few good shots blocked.

Bendtner 4.5- Terrible headers, terrible runs, terrible work rate, terrible passing.

Chamakh 5- Never really got in the game before being subbed off. Made one good chance for Arshavin.

Subs: Fabregas 7.5, Theo 6.5, Vela n/a

Credit to Leeds for this one. Defended well, and played well generally. I think letting in nearly 10,000 Leeds fans helped them a lot. Why let so many in. It was ridiculous. A replay will really not suit us, putting another game in an already packed scheduled month. We need to play a lot better team than what was played today. Leeds wont be scared of us over wise, and will certainly go for an early goal or two and sit back all game. We need a mixture of our 2nd team, and our strongest 11. Mainly Cesc, RVP and Theo to start.

Another shit performance by our 2nd team leads me to believe that they should not be played together again. They failed to beat Wigan, and were extremely lucky to get a draw against Leeds. They’re all individually decent players, but they should be slotted into our starting 11 a few at a time, and not make the starting 11 all at once.

Lets hope we play a lot better than today against Ipswich. We need to win that cup. One more little thing, why do goalies always play so well against us? Rob Green is shit, and always has the games of his career against Arsenal. And thats just the example i can think of the top of  my head, but Kasper Schiemcal had a very good game today, and stopped us beating Leeds. Its annoying how they do so good against us, yet when it comes to Man Utd they have terrible games.

Anyway till next time. Keep the faith.