Date: 30th December 2010 at 10:30pm
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Looking back, i wonder what was the point making all the effort to watch the game last night. Thankfully i pulled out of going at the last minute due to a banging headache, and so i planned to watch it on a stream. A big mistake, with the stream creating more pain to my head after it froze every five minutes, and every so often cut out altogether. When i first saw the team selection i had my doubts, but my main feeling was why? I dont understand not playing players who performed so well just 2 days before. ‘To rest them’ i hear Wenger cry, but they had a 2 week rest just before the chelsea game!? It puzzles me why Djourou, Song and Theo (at the VERY VERY least) were benched, and many more players who played against chelsea should have also been played, just to keep up there fine form and momentum. Fair enough resting Nasri and give Arshavin a game, and you could even agree with giving Chamakh a game for RVP but not Theo for Rosicky. He maybe had the best game of his life on Monday, and now he had  a shitty 10 minutes or so, will put that good performance behind him. Anyway, enough of the shit team by Wenger…

Started shit for us. They had a good few chances in the opening minutes, luckily rodegalla or however u spell it is so bad. Then they got a penalty, which number one was outside the box, and number two was apparently a dive- i didn’t see it as the stream froze.. Wigan score to go 1-0 up. As we take the following centre it freezes again, in the exact right spot so i could see all of the team. I thought to myself we have nobody on this pitch who will fight for a goal. Arshavin, maybe having the worse game ever, accompanied by Chamakh who was also shit, TR7 who i dont rate at all, Diaby who was nowhere to be seen and  Denilson… Anyway, a few freezes later a decent shot pulled off by Bendtner, saved by the goalie and fell for Arsh who done a overhead scissor kick into the goal. A typical Arshavin performance- absolute shit and then a wonder goal from no where. A few minutes later a lovely ball by Arsh to Bendtner who slotted home. Cue celebrations. At this moment i was gutted i pulled out.. and how wrong this thought was.

After the goal, through half time and into round about 70minutes the game turnt boring. Virtually nothing happened, before N’zogbia decided to head butt Jacko, getting a red card. Now i was REALLY gutted, and i thought the points were in the bag… Only for a typical Arsenal defended corner, and a Squillaci own goal. Wenger brought on the subs, yet again too late, and we had a good, and a blatent penalty decisions turnt down. The game ended 2-2, and arsenal had been robbed. It was like a hangover of the Chelsea game, feeling on top of the world, and then crashing back down. The ref was a twat, the defence was shit, and it was a terrible performance from us overall, especially from Wenger with a crap team selection and no use of subs till the very end. Looking at the team being unable to beat Wigan, I wonder if some of the players can really play up to the quality of how arsenal should be..

No match ratings available: the only half decent ones were Sagna, Eboue, Fabianski and Jacko, and the villans being Koscielny, Squillaci, Denilson, Chamakh and Arshavin alongside the inconsistent ref, and Wenger. I do what to make clear I am still for Wenger at Arsenal but these 2 points were certainly his fault. If a good team had been pitched we shouldnt need to worry about the crap ref.

Final words are a typical Arsenal performance, showing the worse out of our team. Proving that Denilson is crap, Arsh is lazy, Diaby is overrated, Rosicky will never do anything again, Wilsheres the only one trying, our two new centre backs are a load of total shite, we cant hold onto a lead, the ref is shit and Wengers stubbornness costing us dearly again. Lets just hope we can come back against Birmingham (gulp) and that we dont loose the league by a point…

Till next time.. Keep the Faith