Date: 22nd December 2010 at 10:47pm
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At the start of the season most, if not everyone thought that chelsea would walk away with the league this year, and at this moment in time they are 4th, 3points off leaders Man Utd- who have a game in hand. Virtually everyone said that chelsea had by far the strongest and most in depth team in the league, but now when they are in a terrible run of form doubts have been aroused about the team and the manager. I must admit i did think they would win the league, but have always thought we have had a stronger starting 11 than chelsea, and now that i think about it i also think we have better back up than then. I think we have a lot better attackers, but they obviously have a better defence. Heres a comparison between the starting 11 of the two sides…

Fabianski v Cech: No match really here with the chelsea shot stopper winning here. Many say he is coming too old for the job, but he is only 3 years older than fabianski so our goalie cant use age as an excuse.

Sagna v Boswinga: Sagna all day for me here. Although Boswinga may be better attacking, he is shite at defending, where as Sagna is good at both.

Vermaelen/Squillaci v Terry/Alex: As a partnership chelsea win all day long, but individually Vermaelen is better than Alex. Arsenal need more bulk and ariel presence, which chelsea already have.

Clichy v Cole: Unfortunately cole, better at defending and attacking and a lot less mistake prone.

Song v Essien: However good Song has been for us, no one can deny how good and crucial Essien is for Chelsea. Even though Song does the job for us very well, Essien is better both defensively and attacking, and now that Song decides to attack more, he has lost something for the team.

Wilshere v Obi Mikel: Both very good at their jobs. Obi Mikel has hit a bad run of form while Wilshere is thriving, and Wilshere is also a lot younger with a good ability of attacking as well as playing defensively, and therefore Wilshere wins here.

Fabregas v Lampard: Both key players for teams, but no argument here… Fabregas

Nasri v Malouda: No argument here either, Malouda had good form at the start but has done fuck all recently while Nari has been top notch. Nasri all day long.

Arshavin v Anelka: Totally opposite players. Anelka works hard, but is less gifted with talent, whereas Arsh is lazy but is technical superb, when on top of his game. Both have a lot of assists. Anelka is more consistent whereas Arsh can pull of magic in a split second, but does little else all game long. Hmm a hard one..

RVP v Drogba: Two of the best strikers in the league. Both aren’t having the best of form at the moment, but RVP is still recovering from injury, whereas Drogba is struggling to score. If both were at their best i would have to edge to Drogba, as he in less injury prone, strong, super fit and still technically superb. On the other hand his more likely to die ‘cos of Malaria..

Best Starting 11: Cech. Sagna, Terry, Vermealen, Cole, Essien, Wilshere, Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin, Drog        (6-5 to Arsenal)

In other news Denilson has ‘tweeted’ a few times, declaring himself to be staying at arsenal, saying these 3 things:

‘i am arsenal 4ever guys…..’

‘Will take arsenal with me to the rest of my life…….’

‘4 the last time guys….. l am arsenal 2day…..2moro..and….4ever’

This should end specualtion of him leaving in January, and although i wouldnt be sad to let him go, he needs to stay in order for there to be a back up for Song. We could also bring Ramsey or Lansbury back, anf Frimpong will be returning soon, so maybe letting him go wouldnt be such a bad thing.

Caught Offside have claimed a deal has been made with Lazio for Bendnter, but this is probably complete bullocks. Bendtner needs to remain at Arsenal for when RVP gets injured so he can provide competition with Chamakh.

PreMatch on Chelsea later this week, till then …