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Winter Transfers Preview


What do we need and who we should buy? It is the question that everyone thinking about right now. With less than 2 days left before the markets open and the transfers start, new players in new teams. One of these teams is Arsenal who did announce on many occasions that they thinking about buying but never told who is going to be bought so I decided to give you all the possible transfers that Arsenal could make:

Sports News - January 18, 2009

1- A new Goalkeeper:
Most of the season Almunia has failed to impress with his inconsistent performance, we did concede 10 goals from 20 goals as Goalkeeper mistakes, this is really a big percentage for a Top 4 goalkeeper. I don’t know if David James has these numbers but anyway my point is we need to do something about the goalkeeper. We have to sign a new one or maybe if Fabiansky can make the step up or maybe Almunia starts to show improvement before the end of January transfers. So if we are going to sign a keeper, I can see that Arsene Wenger prefers the goalkeeper to be old and have plenty of experience so in my head one name and that is Shay Given if he is available.

2- A new Center Back:
With Djourou out I can see we have three defenders (Vermaelen, Gallas and Silvester) because the fourth is useless (Senderos). Even when the three others are starting in the first team line-up, he can’t make it to the subs bench. I don’t know if he can make it to the reserves team seriously! I don’t know what is he good for? The best option is to sell him and bring someone else. I think Sol Campbell who has been training with us for last 3 months will be useful as a free agent.

3-A new Midfielder:
As a replacement to Song who will be out in January. Fabregas and Denilson both are injured so we have to see when they will come back and asses them how much the injuries affected them. In the worst scenario, we will buy but I really doubt it since Ramsey, Merida, Diaby, Song and Denilson have all improved and that they are quality players. The candidates that we might sign are: 1- Matuidi who we did chase last summer but Arsene Wenger decided to give Song, Denilson and Diaby a chance to prove their quality and they did it. 2-Felipe Melo, the player that we went on war with Juventus to sign. The good think about him is that he can play also as Center Back so it will be very good for the depth of the team. 3-Patrick Vieira, no comment about our old ex-captain because we don’t need one! This signing will help him so he can retire with us. If it comes down to me, I will choose Vieira even if he is not the same but he is the cheaper option and his presence will motivate the players. Also all we need is a player who will fill the gap until Song comeback.

4- A new Center Forward:
The Arsene Wenger dilemma, with RvP having a long term injury, Walcott and Bendtner out to half of January and Eduardo and Carlos Vela not performing well, it is obvious and clear that is the position we are suffering the most and we need to fix it very fast but meanwhile we are the best scoring team with 51goals from 19 games. There are a lot of candidates but still till now no names and nothing is clear. The best option is to wait for the return of Bendtner and Walcott to see how they are going to perform and also wait and give Eduardo and Vela more time. But I think either Henry or Carlton Cole should join us.

Arsene Wenger has never signed four in one transfer window so I don’t think the four signing will happen together but mostly it will be two signings and a striker is absolutely one of those two signings, and the other one maybe it is going a center back.

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  • derry munikartono says:

    i think it’s better to wenger to buy joe hart than old shay given and david james…

    young joe hart can played very well,and i think he can be able to protect arsenal goal well…

  • MNB says:

    @Derry minukartono
    Seriously Arsene Wenger always did depend on a old goalkeeper ex:Seaman,Leahman and Almunia…
    he always prefer them old since most of our team are young players,and because the old goalkeeper will bring with him to the team maturity,confidence,experience,strong character,communication and leadership to the team.
    Seriously,it is enough to replace Gallas and Almunia by young players so really we be a Tinki winki team.

  • mian says:

    instead of buying a new goalie who is young we have Vitto mannone so i would go for the one who is more experienced than vitto and fabiansky!!similarly we dont need a midfeilder as we much as we need a CB!!so i will go for a new CB!!and a striker is vital!!!if i were Wenger (lolz) i would buy a CB and Striker!!!

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