Life after Adebayor


Emmanuel Adebayor has left us, it is now time to look foward to life without him at The Emirates. I was never the biggest fan of Adebayor. Yes he did get us many goals but at times it seemed like he needed 10 opportunities before he could convert one. But one goal that I will never forget from Adebayor was his brilliant strike in the Champions League against Villarreal. If only he could have produced more moments like that for us, I am sure the fans would not have turned against him.

Football - Villarreal v Arsenal UEFA Champions League Quarter Final First Leg

But in him deciding to leave Arsenal to seek the riches of Manchester City, he has left a bad taste in our mouths. Personally, I feel that any player joining Manchester City now is only after the money. I actually do not blame them, who would turn down the chance to earn millions of pounds? Some of these players do not have much time left in terms of their age so they see moves to Manchester City as being their last big pay cheque.

I have heard many people saying that Arsenal is going to struggle this season without Adebayor. I actually do not agree with them. We have let go of a player who was turning out to be the focal point in the team. In the past Arsenal has never relied on just one player and it was starting to look like that with Adebayor. We will survive without him and maybe even do better in his absence. From a business perspective, selling Adebayor was a great piece of business. we bought him for £3m in 2006 from Monaco and now have sold him for £25m.

The question now is, “Who will replace Adebayor?” Arsene Wenger has not gone out yet to buy a replacement but I am sure it is only a matter of time before he does so as I can not see him relying on the injury prone Van Persie and Bendtner (who has just quashed reports that he is set to leave Arsenal). We need an out and out striker who knows how to get the ball into the back of the net. There is talk of us buying Chamakh or even Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Only time will tell what Arsene decides to do. I believe come what may, the future looks good for us Gooners with Adebayor having gone. What do you think of life after Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor?

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  • Gigo says:

    To me I find Adebayor a horrible player and I am glad that he left Arsenal. Also, I dont think we should replace him because it gives the younger players a chance to show that they are better than him.

  • Kalaless says:

    U r wrong my friend 4 now that we find adebayor stranded i think wenger should rush 4 him on loan bcoz of his expirience n the winning morale afta winning copa de la real

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